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For more than a decade, Talas-M has been one of the leading event specialists in Montenegro. Thanks to our excellent reputation, we have been entrusted with some of the most prestigious events ever organized in our country. Our team of multi lingual event planners, who are immensely in love with their country, will show you Montenegro different way than the others do, because we know places that hide real surprises.

We are always up to date with new products and fresh ideas, to guarantee the success of your event.Our programs are tailor made, emphasizing the cuisine, culture, tradition and the unique venues. Our service style emphasizes flexibility and hospitality that we offer to our guests, we just make them feel at home in our country. Our expertise in organizing unique incentives , exclusive events, memorable meetings, creative congresses and special interest tours throughout this country of the wild beauty, combined with unbeatable supplier relationship, means we are the one to make it happen in Montenegro.


Two Unusual Venues in Montenegro...

August 2015

Montenegro is poised to become a world-class travel destination thanks to its idyllic coastline and rugged interior dotted with river canyons, lakes and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the singularly spectacular Durmitor National Park.

What make Montenegro different and unique is the short distances between the regions with an exciting and vivid combination of nature and culture. There are a lot of creative possibilities for an incentive program combined with local touch, Mediterranean lifestyle at the coast and wild and exciting mountains.

Here we will present two of the most unusual venues in Montenegro:


Mamula Island & Fortress
Exclusive teambuilding venue

At the very entrance to the magnificent Boka Bay of Montenegro, one of 28 most beautiful bays in the world, lays an inhabited island and fortress. The island is called Lastavica (sparrow), Slavic name, or Rondina (Venetian), but the more popular and known name is simply “Mamula“. Great as an exclusive teambuilding venue!

The construction of Mamula fortress was finished in 1853. The main reason to build such a fort was to stop enemy ships entering the Boka Bay area. The fort was made out ofthick stones. It is very well preserved and all its elements are still functional. Military barracks for the accommodation of the navy, separated for the officers and common soldiers, kitchen, toilets, munition warehouse, food storage, water, playground, radio room, etc.

In 1918, one part of the fort was used as a prison for the sailors who participated in the famous Boka Bay rebellion. There were from 400 to 800 rebellions at the same time. The tradition to use Mamula as a prison was continued even in the Second World War.

The fortress Mamula nowadays represents one of the biggest and best preserved Austrian fortifications on the Adriatic, characterized by monumentality, prominent building precision and perfect functionality of form. The fortress is protected as a second category cultural monument in Montenegro.

In the summer season, tourists come to visit the fortress and to enjoy in Robinson Crusoe ambience, at least for a while. Talas Montenegro DMC offers one more unique reason, to organize teambuilding activities in a breathtaking way. Mamula Island as an exclusive teambuilding event with many surprises waiting for you.


Old Royal Summer Stage
Exclusive Cetinje Venue

The hinterland of the Adriatic Sea opens a whole new world of mountain regions near Cetinje. This exclusive Cetinje venue is located at the old Royal Capital and today almost the deserted heart of Montenegro. It seems that the city of Cetinje fell asleep after World War II, but numerous possibilities for history loving visitors are as attractive as ever!

Strolling down the city center, all the sights are easily accessible. The well preserved Palace of King Nikola, old embassies of all countries, monastery and churches where two of the most famous Christian relics are still kept. Namely, the right hand of St. John the Baptist, a piece of the True Cross, the chest of St. Petar Cetinjski. There is a rich collection of icons, rich paintings and ethnographic collection as well as war trophies.

One of many attractions in this town of immense historical heritage, founded in the 15th century, is the exclusive Cetinje venue “Old Royal Summer stage”. The Summer stage was built in the rocky foot of Orlov krš in 1951, which reminds of antic amphitheaters with its stage and auditorium design.

In the 80s, after the 1979 earthquake, conservation and restoration works were conducted, so the auditorium was expanded, and functional qualities of this very acoustic and unique theatre were improved.

This is the place where you can perfectly merge tradition and new modern times. An ideal location for various events such as, open air conferences, presentations and concerts.

Also, the best way to present the heart of Montenegrin culture is to enjoy a folklore dance performance. You will enjoy such unforgettable shows with unique choreographies and charming costumes on this unique stage.

In order to feel the heart of Montenegro you should try the specialties of the national cuisine. The diversity of Montenegrin nature and the ethnographic diversity have left a trace on Montenegrin cuisine. The old royal summer stage can easily turn a national food and wine tasting experience into a special exclusive event!


There are numerous reasons to visit Montenegro, a magical place that leaves no one indifferent.

For more information, please kindly contact Mrs. Snezana Vejnovic at montenegro@euromic.com

Montenegro - Boka Bay

Mamula Island & Fortress

Team Building on Mamula island

Old Royal Summer Stage in Cetinje

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