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1,000 & 1 candles light up Marrakech...

December 2003

What a Program!

For the first time ever, Marrakech agreed to open two of its most beautiful monuments and gardens for the organization of our amazing functions: the welcome diner is organized at the La Bahia Monument and the closing dinner at the La Menara Gardens, both fantastic historical monuments of the 19th and 12th century… It took 7 sight inspections to finalize the set up and the synopsis of this huge event!

The challenge: both monuments are never closed to the public during the day…


  • 6 PM: 200 artists in historical costumes are positioned in the Bahia palace to re-enact the Harem and the Court of the Sultan. The Harem presented the Sultan’s favorite, his 40 concubines, 25 belly dancers, 35 courtesans, 15 slaves, 3 female orchestras, 10 tattoo ladies, 3 embroidery girls, 3 cooks, 3 tapestry ladies and many more. The Sultan, his Grand Vizier, a poet, a male orchestra, 30 guards, 10 folkloric bands and 5 buffoons presented the Sultan’s Court. Add and extra of 100 waiters in historical costumes, 5 tea masters for a tea ceremony, … and you’ll have an idea of the splendor of the evening!
• 7 PM: 8,000 candles are lit to cover 17 hectares, last check of the table set up…
• 7.30 PM: 7 charter flights arrive at a 15 minutes distance. Direct transfer to the Bahia Palace for the welcome diner, served as a rolling royal buffet.
• 8 PM: Let the show begin!
• 1 AM: last shuttle back to the hotel. The cleaning company can start. The monument opens its doors to the public in only 8 hours! The Bahia has to be given back clean and neat. The supervision of the work takes until the very early morning. No time to rest though: the closing diner is in 10 hours!

And what a challenge: the La Menara Gardens have to be as amazing as the Bahia palace!


  • 6 PM: End of the last rehearsal. The sound and light show on the water plan will be fantastic: 45 minutes of music and dance showing the history of Marrakech, with the projection of a photo master piece on the water screen and a grand finale with fireworks… It will make the day!!!
• 7 PM: Test of the open-air discotheque sound and light, bank gobo projection. Just received the film of the last 24 hours. The production team has 30 minutes to test the film on the 7 meters giant screens.
• 7.30 PM: 2,000 candles to light: the place is huge... The entrance only is already 800 meters to cover…
• 8 PM: The first coach arrived at the gate, and here we go again…
• 3.30 AM: Early morning and still on the dance floor… Certainly a white night for some of the guests and certainly for the organizing team…


  • 9.30 AM: Departure. 7 charters back with last take off at 5 PM. Our guests still have candle light in their eyes and will take the experience of a unique 1,000 & 1 night back home with them…

The organizing team:
70 sound & light technicians,
50 tour leaders,
30 local staff,
300 artists,
150 people catering team, using 8,000 plates, 4,000 knives, 4,000 forks, 8,000 glasses in less than 24 hours...
4 courses Gala Diner was served for 1,080 delegates in less than 1 hour and 45 minutes…

What a success story!

For more information and/or enquiries, please contact Mr. Az-Eddine Skalli at morocco@euromic.com

El Bahia

Menara Gardens

El Bahia - Arrival

El Bahia - Harem

El Bahia - Inside

El Bahia - Banquet

La Menara - Welcome

La Menara - Gala Diner

La Menara - Fireworks

La Menara - Discotheque