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Visit Fez and Refresh Your Spirit!

June 2016

With its enormous Medina - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, more than anything - Fez has always been and remains the cultural, religious, and intellectual heart of Morocco. The world’s oldest university is in Fez. The libraries of Fez house treasure troves of rare manuscripts.

We suggest a selection ofoff the beaten track activities to discover this great city.


Capturing the Medina - A Photographic Tour of Fez

This tour focuses on exploring photography within a Muslim culture and understanding the place that this artistic genre takes in an environment that appears both alluring yet mystical.

Learn about the basic principles of photography, exposure, ISO.s and improving overall technique to aid in capturing professional photographs, whether it be for reportage, architecture, or family.


Learn to Make Your Own Traditional Drum - “Fez Style”

The setting for this bohemian adventure is within a “Fondouk” in the middle of the Medina. We introduce you to a specialist drum-maker who will help you to choose an unfinished earthenware tom-tom drum and then take you to the leather worker to choose your hide, whether it be camel, goat or fish.

You can decide by testing out some finished drums for the varying sounds they make. You are then taught by the artisanal expert how to work the hide onto the drum by yourself and the skill of different stringing techniques to secure it tightly to create the drum’s tones.

The workshop is finished off by a drumming session with a professional local drummer. Create Moroccan rhythms and the beats of ancient times on your very own instrument.


Go Local - “Traditional Moroccan Cooking with a Family”

More than a traditional Moroccan cooking class, this is a complete immersion into the Moroccan culture and family life.

The perfect chance to interact with locals and experience a truly unique day hosted by a Moroccan family; preparing food, visiting the souks, baking at the local “farran”, finishing with a meal that you will all share together in true Moroccan style.


Roman Picnic at Volubilis

Following a tour of this stunning historic site from the 3rd century BC and its many colorful mosaics, relax on Moroccan Kilms in the shadows of the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis while sampling traditional Roman recipes as recorded in the Latin texts of Apicius and Cato.

Roman cuisine relied on exclusively local ingredients such as olive oil, wine, soft fresh cheese, game birds, hearty fruits, honey, and fresh herbs- and of course, omitted new World ingredients such as potatoes and tomatoes. The picnic will include 3 vegetable/ pulse/ fruit dishes, one meat, and one dessert, as well as a selection of olives and bread and include a bottle of refreshing Moroccan Gris wine.


Souk Tasting Trail

Winding our way through the alleys and souks with a Fez food expert, we’ll visit three different food souks. This allows the chance to try traditional Moroccan street food including dried meats, “milawi”, “harsha”, “briwats”, spicy sardines, spicy potato cakes, soups, olives and more.

At the honey souk you’ll be able to taste an array of delicious wild honeys, discuss their flavors and health-giving properties, and find out why honey is so important in Moroccan cooking and Islamic culture.

We’ll investigate traditional cooking methods by visiting a “furnatchi”which is home to a 400-year-old ‘furan’ or communal oven and bakery and is also where the water for the communal bath house ‘hammam’ is heated.

Discover the world of spices and their uses, and the secrets of the male-oriented domain of tea, under the guidance of a culinary leader and story-teller.


For more information and requests, please contact Mr. Hicham Belhadfa at morocco@euromic.com


Photographic Tour


Cooking with a family


Tasting Tour