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COP22 By S?Tours!

December 2016

Everyone agrees that COP22 was a success at all levels, foreign delegations having taken part, even the most intractable media and civil society.

The supreme consecration of these efforts and the impulses that have allowed Morocco to win this great challenge of history: tens of thousands of people, different horizons, different cultures, different apprehensions, have been worthily received and treated with all due respect to the hosts of the Kingdom.

S'Tours demonstrated its capacity to carry out the organization of this great international event, which was marked by the reception and presence of several Heads of State and Government, as well as numerous personalities, in politics, the media, and civil society organizations.
Satisfaction was achieved throughout the entire event. Logistical and booking specifiers were equally widely used.

Mr. Azzedine Skalli, President of S'Tours, who welcomes the success of his teams and all those involved in the operation: "I would like to pay tribute to all those who, through their efforts and their civic enthusiasm, have been able to give an excellent image of Morocco, in terms of organizing and accompanying major world events, and moreover, the global summit of COP22 ".

S'Tours which had to manage, more than 5000 customers, had to mobilize a workforce of more than 200 people, 150 coaches, 60 minibuses and 700 cars to be at the appointment.
"Thank God, we were able to carry out our mission. We were often led to anticipate by creating a cell at the Menara airport in Marrakech so that customers can be treated as quickly as possible and transported to their hotels where their rooms await them. We even had to take care of the other customers by collaborating, hand in hand, with all the services assigned to the operation. Often we could carry up to 30,000 people a day to Bab Ighli, hotels or simply to Jemaa El Fna. Experience that I will not soon forget because contact allowed us to weave human relations based on sharing and cooperation with the sole objective of satisfying the hosts of the Kingdom.

True: Public and private actors acted as an orchestra without false note take up the challenge of this extraordinary event. We, as tourism professionals, have been committed to fulfilling our commitments for months, while setting up a logistics cell that worked 24 hours a day to manage reservations. Even latecomers managed to be accommodated.

All the hoteliers of Marrakech knew how to live up to this event, announced proudly Mr Skalli: ?In fact, man has always privileged the human side in each of the enterprises he undertakes. We, Moroccans, when we want we can. Why do we not put as much zeal to do well elsewhere, act hand in hand and in concert with all the stakeholders? The success of COP22 should lead us to capitalize on it. Everything is there: excellent organization, quality services, quality hotels and appointments, omnipresent security without ostentation, etc. As much as the professionals should exploit to consolidate the image of the country in the markets, already familiar with the media of their countries and who covered the event and reported on the destination. COP22 is the reference,?

"In tourism, we have demonstrated an efficient know-how enabling us to welcome such events with great capacities in the future. The site of Bab Ighli is ideal for a hard structure that can contain thousands of delegates. If, however, the structure is maintained as it was during COP22, it would be an excellent platform for exhibitions ", he declares.



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