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DMC with a background of more than 30 years in the tourism industry. Our innovation: Introduction of a new concept in the Moroccan tourism industry, incentives and events. Our challenge: making of Morocco the perfect destination for the organisation of any event. Our tools: creativity, quality, exclusivity, efficiency, best ratio quality-price. Our results: more than a thousand of international events organised in Morocco. Our clients' satisfaction is our success!


S?Tours Destination Management Company

January 2005

2005, S?Tours celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Since a new year is beginning I like to wish you all the best?May 2005 bring health, peace and prosperity to the world.

At S?Tours, 2005 is already now a special year. We celebrate our 20th anniversary, and when looking back, I can only conclude how fast time flies by.

As founding owner of the company, I never had a greater pride as overlooking how my lifetime project started, grew, and developed, -twenty years later-, into a leading actor in the Moroccan tourism landscape.

My greatest challenge was to be able, together with my teams, and throughout two decades, to maintain upscale standards and procedures in line with the customer?s selection criteria, regularly putting questioning myself, adapting my tools to new technologies, optimizing my human resources and potentials, gathering around me real and durable skills.

All these assets are at our client?s disposal, to their appreciation, and if after twenty years, S?Tours is at its firmament, it is thanks to them all. They have tried us, oriented us, directed us, improved us and accepted us. Without their support, we would not have known how, or could have been that demanding with ourselves. Our will to get going beyond any limits has only been motivated by one target: our client?s satisfaction and loyalty.

My teams and I really wish you would keep on granting us with your trust. Let?s ride together again, and do so for the long years to come.

Happy New Year, and all my best wishes to you all,

Az-Eddine Skalli

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Az-Eddine Skalli


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