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Well-Being in Morocco with S?Tours...

April 2006

Well-Being in Morocco with S?Tours

The cuisine of Morocco is rated among the best in the world, and rightly so. There are few places where food is more carefully and artistically prepared, more delightfully served, and more enjoyed than in this country.

Perfumes, love potions, luxury care products and other delights mainly based on plants were introduced by caravans coming from Asia. In Morocco, the knowledge of these plants and the usage date back from the dawn of time and forms part of the real art of living

Cooking Workshops in Ryads

Rich both in history and flavor, Moroccan cuisine is one of the most exotic in the world. The sophisticated Moroccan palate arose as the country played host to travelers and rulers from such disparate lands as China, India, Spain and Persia and then, finally, from serving for 40 years as a French protectorate. In particular, the French influence remains. French is the second language of Morocco, and an air of French sophistication infuses the Saharan oasis with a European flavor.

Many selective Ryads today offer cooking workshops designed for the amateur and professional alike - for anyone who wishes to discover the pleasures of Moroccan cooking and become familiar with one of the great cuisines of the world.

The workshops are conducted by a dada (traditional Moroccan cooker), and are organized in small groups around easy-to-use modern equipment. A translator (Arabic, English, and French) provides detailed preparation and cooking instructions. At the end of each workshop, participants dine on the meal they have prepared.
At each workshop - 10 persons maximum ? one learns to prepare an appetizer and a main dish, or a main dish and dessert.
S?Tours team will be delighted to organize this special and tasty activity for you.

Relaxing in a Hammam & Spa

In Morocco, steam baths are part of the national heritage. It is a meeting point, a forum and perfectly embodies the Oriental tradition. You cannot decently spend a holiday in Morocco without spending relaxing time in a Moroccan spa center!

The specificity of Moroccan Thalasso therapy centers lies in the quality of the treatments and in the warm and welcoming atmosphere that prevails there.
The most popular spa treatments include the black soap exfoliations, the traditional Moroccan steam bath (which is not too vaporous), henna or Ghassoul (Moroccan clay) wraps, when practiced according to the local tradition, of course. The Oriental touch and the Moroccan know-how, combined with more classic cures, will help to rid your body of all tension and impurities. You will see your stress gradually melt away and feel your batteries recharge after a day spent at the Moroccan spa centre. The treatments will have a double effect on you, as you experience your skin getting softer and moisturized and feel relaxed! This will especially be true after a long day out in the wild enjoying sport activities and long walks!

Henna, Argane oil, Damascus rose, Rass

Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan Tagine