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Watching the stars in the Sahara desert

May 2006

Trek over dunes and through nomadic villages. Discover for yourself the tranquillity of the desert. Breathe the fresh air of the oases, explore mystical Berber villages, and lose yourself in fascination at each Kasbah as you let the spectacular gorges and serene dunes become the backdrop for your memories of Morocco.

Star gazing can be one of the most wonderful things to do while in Morocco, especially while visiting the dunes of Erg Chebbi or the one in Tinfou, or even near M’hamid. Beyond the large cities, Morocco boasts very dark areas that provide the perfect conditions to watch the stars. Of course, star gazing on the sand dunes in the Sahara offers another spectacular dimension.

Nearby Zagora is the point of departure for your Sahara Desert immersion. Explore the mystical landscape as you ride on camel back through the stunning sands, led by a Bedouin guide robed in the flowing blue garb of the Touareg people.  As night falls, delight in a Moroccan feast cooked in the elements. After dinner, you climb to a high dune to appreciate the vastness of the desert and lights flickering from nomad encampments. Sleep in a nomad tent beneath the countless stars of the clear desert sky. Experience a sense of timelessness as you dream of the Little Prince or caravans of old. Awake with the sunrise to watch the colours of the desert change before your eyes.

For more information and/or to integrate this activity into a program, please contact Mr Az-Eddine Skalli at morocco@euromic.com
Watching the Stars