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Everybody speaks about it, Morocco has done it!

January 2007

\"The importance of travel is what you do with it when you get home.\"

Practicing ‘safe and responsible’ tourism is becoming a major concern to all stakeholders of the tourism industry. Tourism sells an “environmental” product, involving both physical and human aspects. The integrity and continuity of these products have evolved into a major concern to tourism and stakeholders.

All tourism institutions are taking significant steps in order to stimulate public awareness for, and take direct actions to implement, sustainable conservation programs for water and other natural resources, including the protection of flora and fauna in the environment of their tourism product.

S\'Tours has always done its best to try and give back to \"Destination Morocco\" some of what the country was offering to visitors and we would be very happy to integrate more CSR programs and projects in the future.

We like the idea that when you are visiting a country, enjoying landscapes, meeting the populations we should remain aware that we have to preserve the environment and act in that sense :

  • Thinking about the responsible tourism issues and implement these ideas in our programs.
  • Giving the time and the opportunity to our clients to discover the enrichment that comes from seeing another way of life in its fullness and helping them to be aware of the feelings, values, customs and beliefs of other people…

It is all the more interesting that it is a real national project and a true will to integrate the concept of Responsible Tourism and to apply it in the tourism sector as a whole.

S\'Tours is proud to deliver its modest contribution and to be involved in this kind of action as following examples suggest:

- Olive tree planting with ceremonial involvement from the local authorities of the Marrakech area whereby delegates do contribute to the reforestation of that particular area.

- Offering the opportunity for the clients to create a direct action in favor of various associations like schooling in rural regions, Elimination of illiteracy, poverty...

- We did include in a team building program the repainting of some schools in order to offer to children better conditions.

 A vast program!

In conclusion, sustainable tourism is not a discrete or special form of tourism. Rather; all forms of tourism should strive to be more sustainable.

In S\'Tours we have made the choice to engage ourselves in this way!
We are at your entire disposal to work on this kind of projects for your clients and would be much honored to do so.

An example:

Olive Tree Plantation Program

Guests rendez-vous in the front of the hotel.
Departure for the excursion Asni Ouirgane
The villages of Asni and Ouirgane are situated at about 60 Km from Marrakech and about 2 hours and half including dirt track and stop for drinks at oued N\'fis (river).
The valley of Ouirgane, is also known as a \"happy valley\", thanks to its natural beauty. Asni is a picturesque Berber village in the high Atlas Mountain, it is situated at the foot of Jbel Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa (13 751FT).
The farmlands, Kasbahs and villages exit as they have been done for centuries. Truly a step back into the past, as mules plough fields, children raise water from the Oued N\'Fis (river).
This adventure takes you off the beaten track via 4 wheel drive vehicles into the foothills of the imposing Atlas Mountains and the Ouirgane valley. The drive is over rocky tracks through open desert like \"big country\", and offers wonderful photo opportunities. The scenery is ever-changing, with red earth villages (fortresses) perched on high escarpments, terraced green fields that emerge in spring to soften the harshness of the normally arid land, rushing torrents and above all they mysterious permanent and untouched snowfields of the Atlas Mountains.

  • Olive Trees Plantation
    To contribute to the development and the forestation of the region, S’Tours is organizing a ceremony of olive tree planting. Each guest is given a tree ad plants it. Afterwards, the local authorities receive the guests and as form of gratitude offer them nominal certificates written in Arabic. All this in a typical tent used by the Moroccan for special ceremonies and accompanied by mint tea and pastries.
  • Second Stop: Oued N\'fis
    A thirty minute drive brings the guests to the residence La Roseraie, set in 22 hectares domain full of always flowering rose-beds.
  • Arrival and lunch barbecue at Residence  La Roseraie
    Relaxation by the pool.
    The restaurant where lunch is scheduled \"residence La Roseraie\" is set in the heart of this Berber region, in a beautiful setting.  This remote countryside is in total harmony with its agricultural traditions, enjoys an exceptional beautiful climate, and is far away from the commercial hosteller and the agitation of the cities. The altitude of 1000m has made of the Roseraie a climatic cure center, always temperate, fresh in summer, gentle in winter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any special information or special programs.

For more information, please contact Mr. Az-Eddine Skalli at morocco@euromic.com


Asni Ouirgane

Olive Tree Plantation

Oued N'Fis