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S?Tours Destination Management Company
Morocco: objective year 2010 ?

November 2002

10 million visitors, a challenge that can come true!

About eighteen years ago, S?Tours started its grand adventure in the Conference Incentive & Seminar industry. It was an outstanding challenge to operate such exiting events in Morocco.

New spirit, new state of mind and new products, starting from scratch ? a virgin destination to explore. Step by step, brick by brick, S?Tours and all its partners have proudly been working to build up a long-term image for such an extraordinary destination as Morocco.

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that all the actors of the Moroccan Tourism Federation have attended the conference that His Majesty King Mohamed VI has hosted in Marrakech, January 2001. His Highness? instructions were setting the tone: the objective for the year 2010 is set on 10 million visitors.

Since then, no efforts have been spared to make this challenge into a daily task and the immediate results are numerous already:
  • Marrakech has been elected to host The International Movie Awards on a yearly basis. January 2002 was its second successful edition. European and North American moviemakers celebrated this event in Marrakech and praised the location and the organization, amongst them Martin Scorcese and Francis Ford Coppola.
  • Lately, September 23rd to October 26th, S?Tours and its partners have organized in Marrakech a five consecutive weeks UIT conference on World Telecommunication. More than 2.000 delegates from 120 countries joined our country to debate and agree on resolutions.
  • Coming soon is the famous Sacred Music Festival of Fez (May), hosting the most fabulous voice of the planet, and not to mention the Gnawa & Jazz Fusion festival in Essaouira (June), an already unavoidable meeting of the world?s music lovers.

All this to state that today, more than ever, the Moroccan Tourism Office and the whole operators are willing to promote a secure destination and put themselves as the best guarantee of its success.

A great promising synergy for a fantastic challenge: 2010, 10 million visitors.

Be part of them!

Az-Eddine SKALLI