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The Spring of Incentives in Morocco...

May 2010

Theme 1: Discovery the Atlas

Flight over the red city in a hot air balloon
Get a bird’s eye view of the Marrakech region during a hot air balloon ride! Guests meet early in the morning on the platform and take off to admire the gardens surrounding the red city, the moiré pattern olive orchards, the headgear of the sleeping giant, all in a deafening silence as the balloon floats through the sky.
Champagne and canapés are served after landing and a souvenir gift is provided.

Trekking in the High Atlas
Depart from the hotel to the High Atlas Mountains, where you will be welcomed by a professional mountain guide with detailed explanations and an itinerary map. Then the trek begins, accompanied by Jennies carrying an ice chest with the drinks and a first aid kit.
Lunch is served at a table and chairs under a canopy, Champagne, catering, and an epic, panoramic view.   Afterwards, travel back to the valley to visit the Berber villages before transferring back to the hotel aboard a helicopter or in a limousine.
A souvenir gift is provided at the end of the day

Golf in Marrakech
With 3 international golf courses, each unique, Marrakech is a paradise for golfers.
Caddies, buggies, golf series, score cards and of course, transportation, and assistance are organised on each course.


Theme 2: Cultural Incentive

Visit art galleries and cafés
Painting and sculpture exhibitions, literary events, concerts, calligraphy, ceramic workshops, and storytelling. One follows another and, together, they give Dar Cherifa a major role in Moroccan cultural life and make the red town an authentic, inviting place to live or visit.
A souvenir gift is provided at the end of the visit

Tour of the Souks:
The Souks form a real-life labyrinth of stores and workshops.  Craftsmen work on wood, leather, copper and ceramic tiles and all the colours of Mediterranean arts and crafts are mixed with the scent of a hundred of herbs and spices. The tour finishes in the swirling crowds of Jamaa el Fna square, where visitors are treated to a never ending display by jugglers, water-carriers, snake charmers, musicians, dancers, animal-tamers and conjurors.
There is plenty of time to enjoy a glass of delicious mint tea on the terrace of one of the cafés overlooking the square, which allows one to truly take in the dazzling spectacle of activity set against the backdrop of dusty pink walls bathed in glittering sunlight.

Full day Excursion to Essaouira Atlantic Coast:
A 1 day excursion on the Atlantic Coast, only 2 ½ hours driving distance from Marrakech, can provide a complete change in the scenery, climate, and atmosphere of your trip. 
Guests will enjoy a very intimate and picturesque 18th Century Portuguese City. This charming town features sand beaches, a small fishing harbour, a fortified Jewish quarter, and a classic white and blue Medina.

Complete your visit to the coast with a lunch in a fine restaurant overlooking the harbour and the beach.


Theme 3: Activities

Spa “ les Bains  de Marrakech”
Available for exclusive group rentals, the “les Bains de Marrakech” is at your disposal for spa treatments in a 1001 Arabian Nights atmosphere.
All treatments are administered by professionals and, of course, during mid-day mint tea and Moroccan pastries will be offered to the guests.
Relax and enjoy all the refinement and the delicacy of this oriental spa!.

Half day Quad in the palm grove:
Transfer by minivan to a nice Kasbah in the Palm Grove of Marrakech for a ½ day quad tour in this superb area. Participants are given a short orientation, and then cross the Palm grove area through several little Berber villages.
Return for a mint tea, a soft drink, or a Moroccan pancake with honey before transferring back to the hotel.

Camel ride in the palm grove:
Instead of quad vehicles, camel-riding is also available to tour the palm groves.  Before mounting their camels, participants are given a turban and Gandoura, the traditional dress of the nomads.  Camel rides are assisted by professional guides.
After completing the tour, guests return to the Kasbah for a mint tea, a soft drink and a Moroccan pancake with honey, before transferring back to the hotel.

Cooking Lessons at “La Maison Arabe”:
The Kasbah is located in a lush, green landscape and exudes an atmosphere of charm.  It has a garden kitchen and a local chef who will share the secrets of his recipes. Each workshop session is organized in shifts according to the number of participants. The history and traditions surrounding Moroccan cuisine will be explained in detail. A translator is on hand to make sure no one misses the nuance and fun of cooking or baking these delicious dishes. At the end of every workshop, the participants will taste all the dishes they have prepared in the shade of an olive tree in the private patio.

A selection of options to choose from:

  • Tajine of chicken with lemon and olives or with almonds and boiled eggs 
  • Chicken M’derbel
  • Tajine of veal with dates and almonds or with figs and nuts
  • Tajine Makfoul
  • Tajine of lamb with prunes and apricots.
  • Couscous with chicken or lamb with onions and dried raisins or with 7 vegetables.
  • Moroccan Briwates (stuffed bricks), Small salad, Pastilla and Moroccan pastry


For more information and details, please contact Mr. Az-Eddine Skalli at morocco@euromic.com

Hot Air Balloon

High Atlas


Art Café



Les bains de Marrakech


Quad in Palm Grove

Camel Ride