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Delta Amsterdam can ensure excellent service for all in The Netherlands. Not only do we have an in-depth local knowledge of all that is involved to enjoy a successful stay in our fulfilled country, we also ensure that we know what is hip & hot. The services offered are hotel accommodation, venue finding, restaurants, activities, excursions, conference venues, themed events, gala dinners, transportation and general logistics, as well as helping with overcoming language barriers. Delta Amsterdam is able to provide preferential rates based on the buying power we have with our preferred suppliers including hotels - enabling you to enjoy The Netherlands at its best. Amsterdam has long been considered an influential cultural capital in Europe, with leading institutions such as Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest, De Nederland's Opera and a wealth of history and modern architecture. With Delta Amsterdam you can experience all this and much more, but always with a twist to make it unique and special.

DELTA AMSTERDAM, Event Management and Destination Services

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Let?s meet in 2011...

March 2011

Fun-filled business meetings to Amsterdam and the Netherlands are becoming increasingly popular.
Many companies decide on the Netherlands for their 2011 & 2012 destination.

Please read on for some interesting facts about our country:

  • Many years ago, KLM coined the slogan ? Amsterdam, Gateway to Europe. This is still the case, and is even more true now that even more direct flights have been added.
  • "The Netherlands" and "Holland" are used to describe the same country!
  • When your plane arrives at Schiphol, it lands 4.5 meters below sea level and twenty minutes from the heart of Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, but The Hague is the seat of government.
  • One quarter of the Netherlands is below sea level, but no wet feet ? instead beautiful dikes and scenery.
  • The Netherlands was one of the European Union's founding nations.
  • A common dish in Holland is raw herring with onions on top.
  • The Netherlands still has about 1,000 traditional working windmills.
  • The Dutch are the tallest people in Europe.
  • Amsterdam is entirely built on poles and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Amsterdam has 1,281 bridges.
  • The Netherlands always has a coalition government, which makes it a country of compromises.
  • The Netherlands has nearly 1,000 museums, with 42 in Amsterdam.
  • The Netherlands has at least 15,000 km of cycle tracks.
  • Almost every Dutch person has a bicycle and there are twice as many bikes as cars in the country.
  • The Netherlands is the world's eighth largest exporter.
  • About 30% of all Dutch babies are born at home.
  • You can see 22 paintings by Rembrandt and 206 by Van Gogh in Amsterdam.
  • The Netherlands' highest point is 323 meters high and therefore is called a "mountain".
  • You'll find flowers in almost every Dutch living room.
  • Most Dutch people speak at least one foreign language.
  • One in every three citizens belongs to a sports club.
  • After Scandinavians, the Dutch are the world's biggest coffee drinkers.
  • People of 200 nationalities live in Amsterdam.
  • The Netherlands has the highest cable density in Europe.
  • When Dutch schoolchildren pass their high school exams, they hang a Dutch flag and a school bag outside their homes.
  • The International Court of Justice is housed at the Peace Palace in The Hague.
  • The Netherlands has approximately 480 inhabitants per square kilometer.
  • With only 0.008% of the world's area, the Netherlands is the world's third largest agricultural exporter.

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