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The Ultimate Majestic Fjord Excursion!

August 2014

If you have clients looking for an unforgettable fjord experience which showcases all of the unique features of the world famous Norwegian nature in one single excursion, read on?

Norway is the land of natural contrasts with both weather-exposed rough coastlines, high mountain peaks with glaciers and sheltered fjords with spectacular waterfalls and lush green valleys. This can be a challenge to showcase in one single day as it involves great geographic distances. However, if your clients have a budget for it, nothing is impossible!

Last month we had the pleasure of designing and operating one of the most spectacular fjord excursions in our company?s history.

A worldwide IT company sent their board of directors on a spectacular excursion during their meeting in the city of Bergen, Norway.

It started off with a 45 minute helicopter flight from downtown Bergen to the heart of the king of fjords ? the Sognefjord, 150 kilometers inland. The Sognefjord is the longest fjord in the world as it extends 250 kilometers from the coastline. This fjord area features 2000 meter-high snowcapped mountains plunging into the sea, with strong waterfalls with turquoise glacier water.

The helicopters landed in a picturesque fjord village where a private boat was waiting to take the guests on a one hour cruise into the Naeroy Fjord, which was included on the UNESCO?s World Heritage List in 2005 and was rated in 2009 by the National Geographic Magazine as the Number 1 destination in the world to visit.

The cruise ended at a small farm with no road connection located in this fjord for a relaxed BBQ lunch on the lawn by the shores.

After lunch, the guests were picked up by RIB boats for an additional one hour high speed cruise to the base of the fjord ? at the Viking village of Gudvangen, where the helicopters was waiting to continue the journey.

The next stop was 1100 meters above sea level, at the base of the mighty Folgefonna Glacier for some refreshment while enjoying an unforgettable panorama of the fjords, mountains, glacier and glacial lakes.
After a short stop here, the helicopters headed for the coast and after another 35 minutes they landed at the Marsteinen Lighthouse, situated on a tiny island out in the open sea, off the west coast. Here, the guests enjoyed a three course dinner before they were picked up by a private boat for a one hour after-dinner cocktail archipelago cruise back to the city of Bergen.

Norwegian Fjords


Helicopters on Sognefjord

Cruise on Naeroy Fjord

RIB Boat

Welcome in Gudvangen

Folgefonna Glacier

Marsteinen Lighthouse