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Looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly destination?

July 2015

Many car manufacturers are now searching for destinations for the events which have a strong sustainability and environmentally friendly image for their new products.

Norwaypowered by nature -  offers unique driving experiences and sustainable pure nature interactions.

In June, a prominent European car manufacturer used the city of BergenThe Gateway to the Norwegian Fjords–as a backdrop for their annual incentive. Below, you can review their program outline.


Day One: Arrival Bergen Airport (BGO)

Meet & greet at the airport. Separate luggage transportation to the Panorama Hotel.
The group is led out to two Mercedes Sprinters 16 seaters for a six minute transfer to the pier for a 30 minute cruise west into the archipelago.

Enjoy some refreshments and snacks while taking in the fresh air and beautiful coastal scenery.

Upon arrival at the Panorama Hotel’s private marina – walk up to the hotel.

Pre-lunch activity: Fishing Excursion
Western Norway's coastline is long and varied, broken by countless islands, skerries and fjords. The contrasts between open sea and narrow fjords cutting far inland are immense, providing ideal conditions for many different species of fish - and, of course, good and varied angling. The methods that can be used are bottom-fishing with bait from a drifting boat or sea angling with a heavy pirk. Go out deep sea fishing with experienced fishermen and try it yourself!

A competition can be organized. The crew on board will be locals with knowledge about where to find the most fish. The fish most likely to be caught is mackerel, which is in season in June, but cod is also very likely to find in the open sea. The competition time will be limited to 1.5 hours and the catch will be weighed in and the winning team announced!

Pending arrival time in Bergen and the timing of the activities, lunch will be served at the Marsteinen Island Light House.

After lunch – the boat will bring the guests back to the Panorama Hotel (15 minutes)

BBQ dinner tonight at the Panorama Hotel. BBQ service outside and outside dining on the terrace if weather permitting (inside dining in case of rain).


Day Two: Discovery of Bergen

Today we leave the archipelago after breakfast. The driving route will take us “island hopping” with crossing of bridges and coastal winding roads (a route of approximately 100km).

En route, we will organize a treasure hunt with four clues and four posts in the Bergen surroundings, including the Old Bergen Open Air Museum, the Fantoft Stave Church, the Home of Edvard Grieg, the world famous classical music composer at Troldhaugenand the Bergen Aquarium. At each post, the guests will pick up different ingredients which will constitute the lunch today.

The final post will be at the Mt Fløien where all the ingredients will be loaded over into the V-class 4x4. The clients will take the funicular up to the Mt Flöien, the V-class will drive up to the top.

The clients will be able to experience the thrilling funicular ride up the steep mountain side, to the top of mount Floien. The venue for today’s lunch will hence be situated 320 meters above sea level!

The group will walk the 200 metres to the Restaurant Fløien. The restaurant is situated in a beautiful and elegant building and truly offers an unrivalled view of the city of Bergen.

After lunch, the funicular will take the group back down the mountain to the city centre for a five minute walk to the hotel for check in at the Clarion Collection Havnekontoret.

This property opened on May 01 2006 and is the best hotel in Bergen with exquisite interior design and a perfect location next door to the Bryggen Wharf – in the cosy harbour of Bergen. Most rooms have harbour view and the 116 rooms are all deluxe. All rooms are non-smoking.

Dinner at Cornelius Restaurant
Depart from the opposite of the hotel by private boat for a 30 min cruise with drinks to the small island of Holmen where a unique seafood restaurant is located. The Cornelius seafood restaurant is a unique dining destination on the northwest side of the island of Bjorøy, with spectacular views of the fjord and the islands close to Bergen.

Here the group will enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience. On arrival, the  guests are welcome on the quay with oysters and drinks. The shellfish farmer presents and offers samples from the water tanks: oysters, scallops, mussels, lobster, as well as several types of fish and sea urchins. Guests may dine in one of the three restaurant areas indoors or on the terrace restaurant area. The quay bar is an informal meeting place. The main kitchen is equipped so that guests may participate in seafood courses as well.

Return cruise back to Bergen (30 mins) – enjoy the light summer evening!


Day Three: Explore the world famous Norwegian Fjords!

The Norway in a Nutshell Excursion
Self-drivealong fjords and past lakes and mountains. Cross the Kvamskogen mountain range and descend down to the Hardangerfjord, and the lake village of Voss via the magnificent Stalheimskleivene hair pinned road (one way drive downhill only) before arriving to the “Viking Valley of Gudvangen”. The driving distance is approximately 150km. Arrive at the Gudvangen Viking Hotel approximately 3.5 hours after leaving Bergen.

Coffee refreshment stops can be arranged along the route.

Gudvangen or Gudvangr, which means “the field of the gods by the water”, is situated at the end of the Nærøy Fjord (Sogn, Aurland Kommune).

The 30 km long Nærøy Valley is part of the Unesco World Heritage since 2006. Here, clients will experience a viking camp activity, enjoy a full interactive experience of  “real” Vikings and learn about their daily life, traditions and stories.

Visitors can see how the Vikings made their weapons, crafts and boats, try to row a Viking ship, take part in archery and Viking sword fights, join forgotten sports or historical board games, listen to ancient sagas and of course taste Viking food made in iron cauldrons and drinks like the sweet old brews in a drinking horn.

A large BBQ buffet lunch based on local foods will be served here down on the pier by the shores of the fjord.

After lunch, the group will walk the 100 metres to the pier for an unforgettable fjord safari with RIB boats!

There are four boats available and each boat can take a maximum of 12 passengers. On the safaris the boat can reach 40 knots as they cruise out the fjord. They will travel very close to the shores – almost so that the passengers can touch the mountain walls plunging into the water. The experience of speed is quite extraordinary.

The boats will stop frequently to view the abundant wildlife and the many old settlements high in the steep mountain sides. The safaris often spot seals and porpoises and sometimes even the rare and mighty eagle.

The guide/pilot will inform you about the landscape and local wildlife and may also tell old stories and tales from the area. The landscape and the people who have lived and struggled here for ages represent an impressing and fascinating story and is an important part of the Norwegian cultural heritage.

Stopping the boat and engine letsus enjoy the scenery, wildlife and the wonderful silence.

The fjord safari will bring guests through the most famous fjords in Norway: the Aurlandfjord and the Naerøyfjord– now on the UNESCO World Heritage List and rated among the most spectacular areas of natural beauty in the world!

Here, steep mountainsides plunge down into the fjord on each side of the boat. The passengers will pass through areas of the fjord where the sun never manages to find its way! Pass fantastic waterfalls and small farms on the way out of this fjord.

After approximately 45 minutes, the RIBS will arrive at the tiny village of Undredal. Here, there will be some refreshments and local goat cheese tasting before they find that they need to load some mountain bikes in the vans and drive approx. 25 minutes to the village of Flåm.

Here, they will park at the train station and the bikes will be loadedonboard the Flåm train (they have separate bike wagons with ramp built for carrying bikes).

The Flåm Railway is one of the world’s steepest railway lines on normal gauge. The gradient is 55/1000 on almost 80% of the line, i.e. a gradient of one in eighteen. The twisting tunnels that spiral in and out of the mountain are manifestations of the most daring and skillful engineering in Norwegian railway history.

At the foot of the mountains you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Flåm Valley and admire the majestic Aurlandfjord, a branch of the world's longest fjord, the Sognefjord. To view an informative video of the Norway, the Flaam line and Flaam itself – click here

After one hour, the train reached its end station at the mountain station of Myrdal (approx. 800 meters above sea level). Here, the group will bike down back to Flåm. Read more about this trip here:

Or view this YouTube film: From Myrdal to Flåm by bike:

It takes approx. 45 min to one hour maximum.

Flåm: Spectacular natural beauty, peace and harmony

Beautiful Flåm is situated in the innermost part of the Aurlandsfjord, a tributary of the 204 kilometres long and up to 1308 metres deep Sognefjord.  Surrounded by steep mountainsides, roaring waterfalls and deep valleys, Flåm is a paradise for everyone looking for a one-of-a-kind experience with nature.

Hotel:  Fretheim Hotel, Flåm
An attractive building at the very head of the fjord.Only a glass façade separates the old and the new.The interior is modern, light, open and inviting.A place to relax and enjoy the good things of life.

The conference department is situated in the historical part of the hotel, featuring light and inviting rooms. Good ventilation and technical equipment ensure successful meetings under the best conditions!

It is our aim to create a good atmosphere for learning and sharing of wisdom and knowledge. The countryside around us is a huge source of inspiration, an oasis far away from the humdrum of daily life. For a truly memorable stay, we recommend setting aside time to enjoy the magnificent surroundings!

Dinner at a traditional Fjord farm in Flåm.
Situated only 10 minutes by car/van away.

The local chef and local meat producer Odd Ohnstad will present a feast of local food traditions at the mountain side farmstead of Otternes.

Otternes Farmyard is a cluster of houses situated between Aurland and Flåm, in the county of Aurland. There are today 26 houses, and the farm has been inhabited for 400 years! Otternes is a national treasure of culture & history, a beautiful place with a magnificent view of the Aurlandsfjord.

As one of few, we are able to rent the farm for special VIP groups, where the group will be able to dine inside one of these old farm buildings.


Day Four: The Magical White Caves of Gudvangen

After breakfast self-drive through the long tunnel back towards Gudvangen, then up the Gudvangen valley for arrival at the Magical White Caves of Gudvangen.

The driving distance from Flaam to the white caves is 30 minutes. 

Inside these white caves we give you a tour through trolls and mystery, through the deepest caves and then to the dawn of light and a beautiful sunset, before entering the big hall, where you can rest on reindeer skins, enjoy a little snack and visit the very special Cavebar. All to the sound of running and dripping water along with Grieg’s fantastic music and a delicate light show from the deepest blue to the brightest orange, coming and going, reflecting on the many small ponds.

The cave is made out of pureAnorthosite. Other than Gudvangen, only one other big source of Anorthosite is known to mankind; it’s called the Moon!

In Gudvangen, we will bring you deep into this white mountain source, deep into the very heart of Norway. Gudvangen Magical White Caves is an artistic tour made out of lights, music, silence, darkness, peace and harmony. Definitely something unique and memorable for any guest!

All visitors will receive a helmet and warm clothes as the temperature is a constant 4 degrees Celsius.

After a 30 minutes tour, the group is led into a hall which is heated to room temperature. Here, the visitors will enjoy refreshments in this unforgettable ambiance! Here, there will be Hulder music entertainment! Hulder is a central part of Norwegian folk tradition, a supernatural female being – which lures men into the mountains with their singing, never to be seen again! This is a fun experience and the singing is unforgettable with the unique acoustics of the caves. In the picture you see some participants being taken away after the performance.

After this visit, the group will drive via Voss – then along some winding roads with fjord views – ending at the Bergen airport at 13:00hrs.


For more information, contact Harald Riisnaes at

City of Bergen Harbour

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