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THE Ultimate Norwegian Fjord Adventure!

July 2005

If you want to give your clients an incentive program which is truly unforgettable ? feast your eyes on following spectacular Norwegian Fjord Adventure, which Travel Planners of Scandinavia produced and operated for a large international computer company in June 2005:

The Destination: the city of Bergen - the no 1 incentive destination in Norway.
Often referred to as the ?gateway to the fjords?, the city is the natural starting point for breathtaking fjord explorations. Both the majestic Sognefjord and the charming Hardangerfjord are easily accessible from Bergen on a leisurely day trip.

The Fjords...
The fjords were only formed during the last two?three million years, carved by ice up to three kilometers thick that covered much of Northern Europe during at least forty Ice Ages. Considering that the oldest bedrock on our planet is perhaps 3.5 billion years old, that is hardly more than the twinkling of an eye. When the ice retreated 10?12 000 years ago, pioneer plants reclaimed the stony wasteland, setting roots in the silt and stony debris. Soon, grass came, the hardiest flowers, and birch and pine and willow. As reindeer and other animals wandered into new pastures, hunters followed. When they cast out a hook and line in the fjords and lakes, they caught all the fish they could carry. The settlers discovered a fertile soil and learned to plant seeds where they grew best.

DAY 01:
Breakfast at the hotel in Bergen.
Leave the city of Bergen by chartered helicopters, decorated with the End-User logo.

Imagine the panoramic view the clients will enjoy: glittering glaciers, majestic mountains, wonderful waterfalls and fantastic fjords and valleys!
The flights will take off by the fjord, close to the city centre of Bergen. The passengers will fly over the city before heading north along the coastline before turning east across fertile valleys and high mountains. The sights will be incredible! After approx. 45 minutes, the helicopters will descend down the narrow valley to the White Caves in Guvangen.
Inside these White Caves we give you a tour through Trolls and Mystery, through the deepest caves and then to the dawn of light and a beautiful sunset, before entering the big hall, where you can rest on reindeer skins, enjoy a little snack and visit the very special Cavebar. All to the sound of running and dripping water along with Grieg?s fantastic music and a delicate light show from the deepest blue to the brightest orange, coming and going, reflecting on the many small ponds.
The cave is made out of pure Anorthosite. Other than Gudvangen, only one other big source of Anorthosite is known to mankind: it?s called the moon!

In Gudvangen, we will bring you deep into this White Mountain source, deep into the very heart of Norway. Gudvangen Magical White Caves is an artistic tour made out of lights, music, silence, darkness, peace and harmony. Definitely something unique and memorable for any guest!
All visitors will receive a helmet and warm clothes as the temperature is a constant 4 degrees Celsius. Refreshments and light food/snacks will be served in the Big Hall which has an unforgettable ambiance!

After this visit, the group will transfer to the shores of the Naeroy Fjord by coach and board the private charter boat MV Lady Elisabeth, This ship has plenty of space both inside and outside. The vessel holds a high standard. Passenger capacity is 200 pax. Licensed to serve beer and wine.

Cruise the narrowest fjord in Europe! Here, steep mountainsides plunges down into the fjord on each side of the boat. The passengers will cruise through areas of the fjord where the sun never manages to find its way! Pass fantastic waterfalls and small farms on the way out of this fjord. Musicians on board will entertain during the cruise.

After 1 hour ? end at the Fjord Farm of Styvi.
The group will be welcomed by the old folks living there. A large BBQ buffet lunch based on local foods will be served here down on the pier by the shores of the fjord with dramatic mountains and green hills surroundings. See picture. This will be very good quality and extensive with both cold cuts, salads, bread, butter, seafood, chicken, meats etc, etc.
High quality music entertainment by local musicians will be held during lunch to introduce the visitor to local music traditions! They will try to make people want to dance and have fun! The lunch will be a celebration to the fantastic Norwegian fjords!
A guided tour of the farm will also be offered giving the visitors an interesting insight into the heritage and history of fjord farming. It will be unbelievable to see how people managed to make a living inside these deep fjords and high mountains with the sea as the only way out!
The BBQ will be prepared by a high quality chef famous in the local community for his brilliance and keeper of local culinary traditions!

After 2 hours the group will leave the farm. MV Lady Elisabeth will start to sail towards the picturesque fjord village of Balestrand. (Cruise time: 2,5 hours)
On board, we will arrange a so-called ?Activity Buffet?! During the cruise ? the ?Mother Ship? Lady Elisabeth will rendezvous with high speed Zodiac boats and fishing boats. The passengers will have the opportunity to board these small vessels and take of on adventurous Deep Sea Rafting Safaris and Deep Sea Fishing Excursions. These vessels will then return to the mother ship and constantly exchange passenger until every client has been offered and participated on both activities.

Deep Sea Rafting Safari
Rubber boats (8 passengers in each boat) will offer a Deep Sea rafting experience! These boats can reach 40-50 knots ? High speed and thrilling fun!! The clients that want this safari will get floating suits before they board.

Deep Sea Fishing Excursion:
One fishing boat (10 passengers) with local fisherman will also be at the farm to take the passengers who want out on fjord fishing. Fishing equipment will be provided of course! Learn how Norwegians do fjord fishing!!

En route to Balestrand the clients can then swap places; the fishing boat can load on/off passengers and the Zodiacs can do the same by rendezvousing with Lady Elisabeth
The activity buffet will hence be a floating event and it will terminate at the magnificent Kvikne?s Hotel in Balestrand. This hotel is among Norway?s finest resort hotels with great heritage value. One of the best preserved wooden buildings in Norway, dating back to the 18th century. Built in the famous Swiss dragon style, this hotel will amaze any visitor and be remembered for ever!

Tonight. - enjoy a private dinner in one of the beautifully decorated function rooms of the hotel!

DAY 02:
Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
The group is picked up by seaplanes by the hotel?s private pier for the return flight through the fjord landscape and mountains & valleys back to Bergen.
The seaplanes will land in the city centre harbor of Bergen ? or close to the Bergen International Airport.

For details, please contact Mr. Harald Riisnaes at

Norwegian Fjord


White Cave

Fjord Farm of Syvi

Charter Boat

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