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The Ultimate Driving Experience!

May 2008

World Rally Championship Driving Rally Norway

Do you have clients who are looking for the ultimate driving experience?
Do you have clients who dream of being a passenger on board of an authentic Rally car doing 200km/h on a narrow dirt road?
If the answer is YES – look to Norway and the woodlands close to Oslo!
A brand new activity has been developed in the woods close to Oslo on the very spot where World Rally Championship in 2007 was organized, being by the way the first time ever this prestigious motor sports event came to Norway.
The narrow dirt roads in the woods east of Oslo – bordering Sweden – became a popular snow surface event in the 2007 WRC season – and it is now available for special groups who are looking for the ultimate and authentic driving experience!

Transfer from Oslo, for 1 hour 30 minutes, into the woodlands on the borders of Sweden. Here the group will have the chance of experiencing a race in an authentic WRC circuit. The FIA World Rally Championship round Rally Norway took place in February 2007 and will be back on the WRC program for 2009.  The group is welcomed at the unique Opaker Farm Hotel – a truly unique hotel experience in nature surroundings – deep inside the woods.

The Opaker Farm Hotel is conveniently located close to this rally area and has specialized in creating unique rally events for VIP groups. At Opaker Gård you will experience quietness and serenity, being in the open scenery of the river bordered by the forest. The buildings on the yard reflect the history of the farm, while modern comfort and facilities are carefully added. As important as old traditions may be, at Opaker Gård nature itself is the paramount. This is the land of the wolf, the bear and the moose. The host welcomes you when you arrive and makes you feel almost like coming home.

Upon arrival at the Opaker Farm – the group will enjoy a delicious lunch. After lunch and check-in, the group departs for a 15 minute transfer to the Rally area.
Here, the group will be met by rally cars and professional rally drivers. Each participant will be a passenger on board of the powerful cars. The cars will drive a 2km round on the dirt roads used during the The FIA World Rally Championship.

When not driving, the other guests can enjoy the sight of race which is an equally important part of the experience. Refreshments will be served.
As an added activity – 2 ATV (4 wheel off road motorcycles) will be available for those who want to try them out!

After approx 3 hours in the woods – return back to Oslo - or enjoy the remarkable facilities at the Opaker Farm, which includes Finnish Sauna and large outdoor wood heated bath tubs!

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Opaker Farm Hotel

Interior Opaker Farm Hotel


Outdoor Bath Tub