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Meet in Norway!

October 2012

With a total capacity of 2.500 single rooms and conference capacity of 6.000 delegates.


Europe’s largest conference destination will soon take shape at the current Oslofjord Convention Center, which is situated by the fjord shore, 1, 5 hours south of Oslo, Norway.

The Oslofjord Convention Center is already an impressive conference resort, but it will expand its capacity and resources even further!

In the course of the next few years, Oslofjord will build 1,600 single rooms for overnight lodging, a sports facility that includes two football fields, a multi-purpose hall, ice hockey arena, indoor swimming pool, and restaurants, as well as meeting room facilities, exhibition space, and other facilities to complement the conference center. With this expansion, Oslofjord will be able to provide as many as 2,500 single rooms and host large conferences, congresses, sports events and exhibitions for between 500 and 6,000 people, all on one campus.  Meeting room facilities will be built to accommodate a total of about 2,000 people, designed with great flexibility and utility in mind.

The Oslofjord Convention Center is the first conference campus in northern Europe specially designed to nurture culture, create enthusiasm, and build relationships within large organizations. Oslofjord reckons that even large companies need opportunities to spend quality time together, time to share little moments, socialize, and enjoy their surroundings - as well as time to share and define great goals.

With the Top International Airport at Sandefjord only an 18-minute drive away, offering services between Torp and destinations such as London (Gatwick), Amsterdam and Copenhagen, Oslofjord will become an outstanding conference destination. Events at this one of a kind, uniquely designed conference town, will offer organizations a special framework within which to nurture their business culture.

The Oslofjord conference hall provides seating for over 6,000 people. Through a few simple steps, the hall can be reconfigured as a banquet hall seating 2,500. The hall provides concert acoustics, as well as superior technical capacity including a sound system of 100,000 watts and wireless simultaneous translation equipment for up to 20 languages.

Oslofjord is nestled in the most picturesque nature, enjoying its own strip of coastline. Oslofjord is surrounded by fjord, forests, tourist areas, golf courses, and some of the particular attractions unique to this part of the world - small islands, holms, and reefs in idyllic Norwegian archipelago atmosphere.


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Oslofjord Convention Center

New Oslofjord

Oslofjord - Conference

Oslofjord - Banquet style

Oslofjord - Hall

Oslofjord - Winter