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Mazurkas Travel with a staff of 25 dedicated professionals is proud to be the leading DMC in Poland. We specialize in creation and realization of tailor-made programs for Incentive Groups and special interest tours in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw and other towns in Poland from concept to making the detailed ground arrangements. Through our creativity, professionalism and attention to detail, our overriding goal has constantly been to build a strong relationship with our clients, to understand, to meet and to exceed their expectations.


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Mazurkas Travel opens office in Krakow...

January 2005

Mazurkas Travel office in Krakow opened

Krakow? The most beautiful and charming polish city. A city with a mysterious soul? Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and thus considered ?special? even by such a distinguished institute. Krakow attracts visitors with its impressive collection of historical monuments housing magnificent venues; its modern incentive and conference infrastructure and professionalism of leading Polish DMC ? Mazurkas Travel. On 1st May 2004 we opened our office in this exceptional city, in order to provide a service for our clients interested in this destination. Our young, enthusiastic and professional team ? Miss Monika Hanusiak and Miss Iwona Ogorek - is dedicated to help our clients to make the stay in this unique city as enjoyable as possible.

The office is located in the city center ? just a few minutes walk from the Old Town Square.
Mazurkas Travel Branch Office in Krakow
Plac Sikorskiego 11/6A, 31-115 Cracow
Ph. +48/12/4282010, 4282011
Fax +_48/12/4282012
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Having a local office there is a huge advantage. Krakow is extremely popular as an incentive destination in Poland. Thanks to prefect local knowledge we can offer many new events, activities and venues.

Just a few examples below:

Concerts in Krakow Temples

Krakow is a city of more than 100 temples, mostly Catholic, but also Orthodox, Protestant and Jewish. Krakow churches and synagogues are of exceptional beauty and have perfect acoustics.
The organ and classical music concerts were organized in: Paulite Church at the Skalka district, St. Mary?s and St. Anne?s Church located in the Old Town or at the Benedictine Abbey at Tyniec, which is about half an hour drive from the city. Only top artists perform for our guests. Some 350 guests attended the biggest event.
A perfect place for a Jewish music concert is Kazimierz ? the former Jewish district of Krakow. Klezmer music concerts are held daily at the Ariel Art Cafe, Klezmer Hois and Noa?h Ark restaurants, but the highlight can be a concert of Jewish songs performed by the ?Cantores Cracoviensis? choir with a violin quartet in the interior of the Old Synagogue in Krakow. Maximum capacity of this venue is 300 people.
During the concert, the music is key of course, however, also the interior of the venue contributes largely to the success of the evening. It is like a gem and a setting ? only together they can glitter perfectly...

Laser Show 130 meters below the ground level

The ancient Salt Mine of Wieliczka is one of the best places for special events. Visiting it is not only enjoying one of the world top class tourist attractions from the UNESCO list of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Over 700 years, many generations of Polish miners created the underground world of exceptional beauty, with richly decorated chapels ? including the most beautiful one of the Blessed Kinga, the original linings of the galleries and workings, and the underground salt lakes. Each chamber is a unique venue ? especially the biggest one ?Warszawa? named after Poland?s capital. Crystal salt, - not white - as we see it on our tables ? but of a marvelous grey. Try to imagine the contrast between this grey background and hundreds of colors created by masters of laser shows for our guests. A Unique combination, a unique venue, a unique event, the only one like that in the world. Unforgettable dinner, 300 enchanted and satisfied clients?

Prestigious Conference Venues

First - the most beautiful theatre of Poland ? the Slowacki Theater. Guests will be stunned by the beauty of the interior as well as the magnificent curtain hand-painted by Henryk Siemiradzki ? one of the greatest Polish painters from the 19th century. Such an interior creates an unforgettable impression and atmosphere. Modern audiovisual equipment meets the most sophisticated needs of the clients. A formal cocktail party following the session can be organized in the theatre?s foyer. Maximum capacity is 520 people.
Another outstanding venue, a Renaissance ?department store?, the Cloth Hall is located right in the middle of the Old Town Square. The National Museum occupies the first floor of the building and consists of a very rich collection of pictures painted by the greatest Polish artists: Stanislaw Wyspianski, Jan Matejko, Henryk Siemiradzki and many others. The venue has two main halls. We have been organizing conferences for up to 300 people in one of them and an exclusive reception in another one. This guarantees a unique atmosphere and a very personal contact with the fine arts.

Lech Walesa at the Collegium of the Jagiellonian University

Visiting this place gives you a chance to travel back in time to the late- mediaeval Cracow, when the most famous astronomer of the world ? Nicolaus Copernicus lived and studied in this exceptional city. The Collegium Maius is a magnificent example of the late Gothic architecture with a large courtyard and the beautiful Hall of the Sessions of the University authorities. This is probably the most prestigious venue for lectures and speeches given by famous Poles. For one of our partners - Young Presidents Organisation from Canada - we have organized a lecture by Lech Walesa ? first president of the independent Poland after the collapse of the communist regime. The formal reception and a folklore show at the magnificent courtyard were organized before the Walesa?s lecture.

Polish Vodka evening at restaurant ?Ogniem I Mieczem?

Just as France is famous for champagne, vodka has been Poland?s most important drink for centuries. Produced in a thousand ways for the last thousand years, this drink holds an important place in the Polish tradition. It is difficult to imagine Poland without this kind of alcohol, and a visitor coming to Poland should experience at least a small shot of its pleasure. A presentation of different vodka brands with additional information about the way of producing and the customs of serving as well as brief lecture about Polish cuisine is a great opportunity to get acquainted with this very special aspect of the country?s everyday culture. The best place to taste and learn about this liquor is restaurant: Ogniem I Mieczem.
We organized a ?Vodka Evening? for an incentive group from Mexico there. Interiors have been designed as a replica of manor houses of the Polish nobility from the 17th and 18th centuries. It has a very special, alluring atmosphere that makes guests feel comfortable and gives you an opportunity to enjoy the world-famous Polish hospitality. 120 guests can taste here 10 or more kinds of Polish vodka. At the beginning of the event guests receive a booklet consisting of information about each brand of tasted vodka. Special separate buffets with different kinds of vodka plus a station, where barmen prepare famous Polish vodka drinks, are located in the restaurants interior. Typical vodka snacks are served: herring, Polish sausage and smoked meats, famous ?pierogi? stuffed with meat or mushroom. A night to be remembered?

Official events are extremely important for the success of a meeting or incentive. However, even more important is a remarkable impression of the city itself ? also during the night...

Krakow by night

More than 200 restaurants, pubs and nightclubs are located at the Old Town area. Just a few options worth consideration. One of the most famous is the Jazz club ?U Muniaka?, where concerts of contemporary Jazz music are performed. The club was named after Janusz Muniak, one of the most famous Polish Jazz composers, who lives in the city. Another interesting option is ?Stalowe Magnolie? ? a brilliant nightclub very famous among local people with live music and unforgettable atmosphere. Last, but not least ? Old Town pubs - serving Polish, Irish and Czech beers and open till the last guests leave? The most famous is the only mini brewery of the city ? CK Browar ? where they serve up to 6 kinds of freshly brewed local beer. A good place for a typical beer dinner, including their famous different beer casseroles / topped with cheese, meat, fish, black pudding, scrambled eggs etc.
Another opportunity for good fun during the night is Kazimierz ? former Jewish district of Cracow. This place is literally full of nightclubs and pubs. The most famous are located at the Nowy (New) Square.

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Salt Mine of Wieliczka

Slowacki Theather

The Cloth Hall

Collegium Maius

Ogniem I Mieczem

U Muniaka