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June 2002

Most of MAZURKAS TRAVEL incentive clients visit Warsaw. Usually our guests choose a day trip to Krakow, but the city is worth a longer stay with at least one overnight. Only this way you will really be able to feel Krakow’s fantastic atmosphere.

Krakow proves to be the most attractive city for visitors coming to Poland, with its rich history and thousands of architectural monuments. The city became the seat of the Polish monarchy and the country’s capital in the 11th century and kept its prize position until 1596, when Sigismund III Vasa moved the capital to Warsaw.

Thanks to the fortuitous absence of major catastrophes, Krakow’s heritage remains fully intact for today’s visitors to enjoy.
Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and considered exceptional even in such a distinguished company, Krakow’s enchanting Old Town boasts countless buildings of architectural and historic importance, including the Wawel Castle and the Cathedral complex, where the Polish kings and national heroes lie buried, and one of mediaeval Europe’s largest market places with its beautiful renaissance Cloth Hall and gothic Church of St. Mary.

The beauty of Krakow’s building is matched by the wealth of its cultural heritage, which not only recalls its past status as the capital of Poland, but also the proximity of the Carpathians and the city’s one-time inclusion within the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
The latter influence is still reflected in the popularity of Hungarian cuisine in a city renowned for its many and varied restaurants. Put such culinary delights together with the rich collections in Krakow’s galleries and museums. Add in the city’s unique „Festival of Festivals” offering everything from Jewish culture to military bands, from street processions to St. John’s Night festivities. Throw in a trip to the sculpted wonders of the nearby Wieliczka Salt Mine, and it is clear why Krakow is an unbeatable destination for an incentive.

Krakow is the only town in Poland, where guests may find plenty of luxurious, not too large hotels, housed in interesting historical buildings. MAZURKAS TRAVEL can recommend you „Francuski”, „Grand”, „Copernicus” and many others.

The “Copernicus” hotel however is the most interesting and unique. The building was constructed in the 14th century as a house for canons from the Royal Wawel Cathedral. It officially opened its doors in 2000. Situated at the foot of the Wawel Castle Hill and only a 5 minutes walk away from the Old Town Square, this four star hotel offers the best accommodation in the city. The carefully renovated interiors of this 600 years old building (authentic wall frescos from 16th century can be found in some of the rooms) as well as the fabulous glass roofed patio, full of light and greenery, create a unique charm. Two other parts of the hotel are also exceptional: the blue swimming pool located in the late gothic cellars and the cafĂ© terrace with a splendid panoramic view of the Wawel Hill and the Old Town. The hotel was named after the famous Polish astronomer who lived in this building for a few months.
„Copernicus” has 29 luxurious rooms, furnished in renaissance style. The chef of the hotel restaurant is specialized in the traditional Polish cuisine, especially venison and fish.

This hotel is an ideal place for a not too large incentive group. However, if large parties intend to spend some time in the historical capital of Poland, MAZURKAS TRAVEL can recommend other hotels located next to the Old Town Area, within walking distance of the Market Place, such as the four stars „Holiday Inn”, which is truly a place where the present meets the past. Part of the hotel is located in a 19th century town house and an other part is of a pure post-modernist design.

Good news for gourmets! The Old Town of Krakow and the areas nearby are full of top quality restaurants serving delicious dishes of Polish and Krakovian cuisine. MAZURKAS TRAVEL recommends „Wierzynek”, located at the Market Place and in operation since the 14th century, or „Villa Decius”, a charming renaissance palace located in a huge park out of the bustling city.

One restaurant is worth a very special recommendation. The „Ogniem i Mieczem” (“with flame and sword”) was built as a replica of the typical manor house of Polish noble families from 17th and 18th centuries. The interior is made of huge wood logs and includes many authentic 18th century details such as candlesticks, tapestries and furniture. The place has a very special, alluring atmosphere, making the guests feel comfortable and at ease, enjoying the world-famous Polish hospitality.
Its cuisine is traditional Polish, based on authentic 17th century recipes, which were discovered by the owner of this very special place in the library of the Jagiellonian University. Among the menu highlights you can find the famous Polish dumplings – „pierogi” – stuffed with meat, mushrooms and cabbage. The way the meals are served is also typical for the period: on wooden plates and bowls, with drinks served in pottery. Up to 150 guests in 4 rooms can enjoy this exceptional place for lunch or dinner. Musicians in period costumes and a show of the traditional Polish art of fencing make the atmosphere even more historical.

Last but not least: the venues of Krakow. Each of them is exceptional. MAZURKAS TRAVEL organizes exclusive banquets, receptions and concerts in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, more than 100 meters below ground level or in the beautiful late gothic Collegium Maius of the Krakow University.
The historical capital of Poland is really the ideal location for a conference or convention. One example: the Słowacki Theater, the most beautiful in Poland. Your guests will be stunned by the beauty of the interior as well as the magnificent hand-painted curtains by Henryk Siemiradzki, one of the greatest Polish painters of the 19th century. An interior like this creates an unforgettable impression and atmosphere. Up to 520 people can be seated.

This short text presented „Krakow in a pill”. MAZURKAS TRAVEL would be truly honored to welcome your guests to see the beauty of the historical capital of Poland for themselves.

St-Mary's Church

Cracow Wawel Hill

Copernicus Hotel

Ogniem I Mieczem