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Mazurkas Travel with a staff of 25 dedicated professionals is proud to be the leading DMC in Poland. We specialize in creation and realization of tailor-made programs for Incentive Groups and special interest tours in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw and other towns in Poland from concept to making the detailed ground arrangements. Through our creativity, professionalism and attention to detail, our overriding goal has constantly been to build a strong relationship with our clients, to understand, to meet and to exceed their expectations.


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Small items – great significance...

March 2006

Needless to say what the first day of an incentive guest, visiting a country never visited before, looks like. At first touchdown at an airport – more or less looking the same all over the world-. Next step – a hotel – same story, especially, when guest are extensive travelers.

How to do things in another way and mark from the very start the difference comparing to the other destinations?
The answer is both simple and complicated: you should present your guest something unique and typical for the country in which the visit takes place. Something, which is not immediately recognized by your visitor. Something, he or she can find in their room, just after arrival. Simple and complicated, indeed…

In room gifts are the best option to do so, offering a wide variety of ideas and fitting to every budget.

Discover here and now a few ideas how we manage that in Poland.

Unique, very aromatic, dry vodka prepared on the basis of rectified spirit and a tincture of European bison (auroch) grass, which grows only in the Białowieża Primeval Forest in Eastern Poland. Demineralized, Oligocene water, from the own deep intakes, situated in the ecologically cleanest region of Poland, complete the top quality raw materials, of which the vodka is produced. Its particular feature is a blade of bison placed in every bottle. The king of Polish vodkas. There are also other kinds of Polish vodkas available; pure ‘Chopin’ vodka, sweet ‘Krupnik’ vodka, plum ‘Slivovica’ vodka and others…

Silver/Amber Jewels
Amber is widely know as “gold of the Baltic sea”  The beauty and abundance of artifacts and jewels paved them the way to princely and royal courts all around Europe spreading the legend of amber. Contemporary Gdańsk – the biggest harbor in Poland – holds since centuries its status of being the world’s amber capital. Many small manufactures of amber wonders are located there.  Charming rings, brooches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry masterpieces are among the most amazing souvenirs from Poland.

Dolls in Folklore Costumes
Poland is famous for its folklore with more than 50 different costumes and traditions related to various regions of the country.
The richest and most colorful are the costumes from the Łowicz region (just next to Warsaw) southern Poland – from Polish Tatras and from the Cracow region. The dolls (of different size – from 10 cm up to even 50 cm of height) are dressed in miniature colorful costumes with the greatest attention for detail.
The best souvenir for all those of our guests having children.

Frederic Chopin Music
The name of Frederic Chopin is well known worldwide among lovers of classical music. His mazurkas, etudes, polonaises and scherzos are a test of measure for any keyboard playing talent. Your stay in Poland gives you an excellent opportunity to sample his music in his native country.  Chopin’s piano recitals can be organized at many historical monuments. Our guests - while coming back from the concert at their hotel room might be surprised finding a gift on the pillow – a CD with Chopin’s music by the artist (with his autograph and personal dedication) they just saw performing.

Wooden Handicraft
More than 70% of the territory of the Republic of Poland is covered by forests. Since hundreds of years wood has been the primal building material here. Many beautiful wooden Orthodox and Catholic churches, charming manor houses and even small palaces can be found in all regions of Poland.
Nowadays – a tradition of wooden handicraft is cultivated by old craftsman masters producing impressive masterpieces: boxes, plates, chess sets etc. They use oak, alder, pine and larch.

Above limited list of examples may inspire you. The full list is of course much longer: handy painted Christmas tree balls, handy decorated Easter eggs, Polish sweets including famous “Wedel” chocolate cake or plums in chocolate, the most famous Polish movies on CD with subtitles in many languages, famous glass of the Krosno factory, the pottery sets from Boleslawiec factory with its 150 years tradition and many others…

As it has been said already – both simple and complicated -, but definitely a huge opportunity to display our talents.

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Wooden Handicraft

Wooden Handicraft

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