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Mazurkas Travel with a staff of 25 dedicated professionals is proud to be the leading DMC in Poland. We specialize in creation and realization of tailor-made programs for Incentive Groups and special interest tours in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw and other towns in Poland from concept to making the detailed ground arrangements. Through our creativity, professionalism and attention to detail, our overriding goal has constantly been to build a strong relationship with our clients, to understand, to meet and to exceed their expectations.


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Polish Cities for the EURO!

February 2011

Hosting the UEFA European Football Championship

You can look forward to a feast of European football and a wealth of experiences during EURO 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine. Sport and culture, youth and friends, action and adventure, plus entertainment and relaxation – all these factors will come into play when the tournament kicks off in June 2012 in Warsaw.

Soak up the atmosphere, get swept away by the party mood and receive a friendly welcome at four different venues in Poland and four in Ukraine, where there is so much to do and see. All host cities are gearing up for the big event. Their modern stadiums all have state-of the-art facilities and large capacities to cope with the many thousands of supporters expected to attend. The National Stadium in Warsaw will host the opening game, the other Polish host cities are Poznań, Wrocław and Gdańsk.

We at Mazurkas Travel DMC Poland love Poland and we are sure that you will to.
EURO 2012 gives us a unique opportunity to combine the passion for football with the passion for travel. We are excited to show Poland to thousands of people of all ages from all European countries and other continents.

You can customize your very own football tour from city to city and from region to region. Superb hotels and restaurants, culture and history, nature, cool clubs and trendy bars – there is so much to offer for everyone and the atmosphere is always fantastic – whether in the stadium, on the street or in the bar.


Warsaw - a city with an attitude…

Three group matches, including the opening match, a quarter-final and a semi-final will be held at the National Stadium in Warsaw, with a total capacity of 55,000. Located on the banks of the Vistula, the National Stadium stands on the site of the old Tenth Anniversary Stadium. The National Stadium will soon be the future home of Poland’s national team. Its facade will resemble a waving Polish flag.

The capital of Poland lies in the heart of Europe, and has amazing historical and modern architecture reflecting its turbulent history. You’ll enjoy meeting Poland’s friendly people and experience their hospitality.

Warsaw is an exciting city with many faces. a city waiting to be discovered. It has the beautifully restored historical district of Old Town, an elegant Royal Route and attractive parks on one side of the city, and a vibrant cosmopolitan downtown area with world-class modern architecture and fast-paced atmosphere on the other side. Warsaw’s streets are filled with various restaurants, shops and galleries. There are antique shops and modern shopping centres, quiet cafés and busy nightclubs. There is something here for everyone!


Wroclaw - the Pearl of Lower Silesia

Three group matches will be held at the Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw during EURO 2012. The stadium is built by the Sleza river and its shape resembles a Chinese lantern. It will seat over 40,000 football fans.

Sports, history and culture are all a part of Wroclaw’s appeal. This fascinating city less than 300 km from both Prague and Dresden, and celebrated its millennium anniversary in the year 2000. Enjoy its rich history and dynamic, lively and multicultural atmosphere with friendly and open-minded inhabitants.

Discover Wroclaw’s visitor attractions, amongst which are: the gothic Town Hall, the baroque Aula Leopoldina at the Wroclaw University and the Centennial Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pop into one of Wroclaw’s many museums and galleries or go on a shopping spree to one of the shopping centres or boutique stores. There are lots of exciting activities to do in Wroclaw. Try a boat cruise on the Odra River, a sightseeing tour on a vintage tram or a night tour around the illuminated city. Check out the local bars and clubs, most of which are located around the Square Market. Families will love Wroclaw’s zoo and the botanical garden. Whatever your preferences are, there is plenty to do in Wroclaw.


Gdansk - a fascinating and pulsating harbour city

Three group matches and a quarter-final will be held in the Municipal Arena in Gdansk during EURO 2012. The stadium, whose construction started in 2008, is located on the waterfront and it will seat over 40,000 fans.

Gdansk is an old Hanseatic town more than 1,000 years old with a vivid modern history. It’s where the Solidarity movement started, which led by Lech Walesa, contributed to the fall of communism and transformation in Central and Eastern Europe.
Sightseeing is a must. Pay a visit to the restored Old Town and a picturesque waterfront. Highlights include: Gdansk’s most beautiful streets, Dluga and Nowy Targ Streets, the Town Hall, Artus Court, Neptune Fountain and St. Mary’s Basilica. Explore the city´s unique history on a freedom tour or go on a boat trip adventure across the Bay of Gdansk on board a pirate ship. Gdansk is a great place for shopping, especially famous for amber jewellery. Even the Gdansk stadium’s exterior is designed to resemble amber. Try the Goldwasser and different types of fish in one of the many restaurants. Have fun at the neighbouring summer resort of Sopot or Gdynia and admire the varied coastline from sandy beaches to cliffs. Culture and entertainment, adventure and recreation - there is plenty on offer aside from football and Gdansk has something to suit all tastes.


Poznan - the legendary cradle of Poland

Three group matches will be held in the Municipal Stadium in Poznan during EURO 2012. Close to the city's airport, the Municipal Stadium is renowned in Poland for its excellent atmosphere. After renovation work, the stadium will be the biggest club ground in the country with fully covered stands and a seating capacity of over 42,000.

Poznan is amongst the oldest cities in Poland, and was one of the most important centres in the early Polish state in the 10th century, whose first rulers were buried at Poznan's cathedral. Nowadays it’s a centre of trade, industry and education and a city, located half way between Warsaw and Berlin, famous for its international trade fairs.

Visit the city’s Old Town with renaissance tenement houses and a charming Old Market Square, with its impressive monuments and numerous museums. Pop in for shopping to the Stary Browar, an art, leisure and shopping centre located in a 19th century former brewery. Or go for a walk to the park surrounding Lake Malta, a recreation area with different sports grounds, a zoo and a narrow gauge railway. Enjoy a cup of coffee in a café, a meal in a restaurant on the Old Market Square or a night out at the pubs and clubs around the Old Town. The best thing about Poznan is that whatever you choose, you just can’t lose - it never gets boring.


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