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Paloma Tours is a Romanian Destination Management Company with over twenty five years of experience in the market. Paloma Tours is also a PCO & MICE company specialized in complete customized travel solutions. Ours services: Congresses, Conferences, Conventions, Corporate Travel, Meetings, Incentives, Team Building, Events, Product Launches, Special Interest, Hotel Bookings and any other kind of quality receptive services. We provide tailored services designed to meet the most demanding expectations in a cost-effective manner 24h/24h & 7 days/week. We are committed to deliver the authentic travel experience and beyond words we really care.


Congresses and Meetings...

July 2015

The year 2014 brought a major popularity boost to the Eastern European MICE market, which is continuing its ascending trend in 2015.
Adding that to the many new flight routes, the predictions are more than favorable for the coming years, as well; as we are tapping more and more into this vast and yet unexplored potential, one can understand why.
One of the most important destinations of this new upcoming market is Bucharest. As experts in this destination, Paloma Tours invites you to come meet us and evaluate all the possibilities of a successful event.


Market Tour – Mystery Shopping

We have a city which is constantly growing every year. A lot of shopping centers are built monthly, so the directors want to test the quality of their employees but in a mysterious way and fun way. If this is what you have in mind we can realize extraordinary mystery shopping themed, market tours. So, we invite you to join our special tours.
Our latest similar event was organized for Western Union USA, for which we have organized an Eastern European Market Study, combined in an interesting way, with team building activities.


Corporate Events

With 20 years’ experience in the field, we offer to our international customers:

  • Constantly updated info regarding new lead generation venues;
  • Incentive consultancy and organization: reward your employees and business partners for their hard work... with us, they are in the best hands!
  • Help productivity through team building exercises promoting togetherness and teamwork in the office
  • Product launches

The list could go on, but our goal is to always create an atmosphere of professionalism that allows for the short and long term goals of your company to be realized seamlessly and with precision. Sometimes corporate events will involve only executives, while other times, it may include upper management along with the employees attending.

The event schedule usually includes lunches and dinners at different restaurants outside the event venue; these are organized for the whole group, but often our clients prefer to divide the big group into teams and organize a different lunch or dinner for each team.

Our company prides itself with more than forty big clients with an average number of attendees between 10 – 1000 people and even more.

We have the best relationship with unique venues where we can organize team buildings & trainings with specialized personnel to upscale congresses.

For such diverse activities we suggest venues like historical museums, The Royal Palace, art galleries, commercial centers, medieval castles, cruise ships and even warehouses (to create that industrial feeling). Outdoor venues include vineyards, English style gardens with beautiful sculptures, botanical gardens.
We can turn ordinary grounds into something extraordinary and we can offer you the best quality at affordable costs, maintaining at the same time our careful selection of all the private services.

The days of the old fashioned banquet tables with waiters and waitresses are starting to become a thing of the past. Instead, food stations where attendees wait on themselves have become very popular. In fact, these have been taken a step further with “do it yourself meat carving stations” and “assemble your own dish” type of catering. For the holiday season, a “decorate your own cookie” activity or a mini-pie station would go along nicely with this trend. Nowadays, the food stations go well beyond salad bars and we have just the thing to prove it.


Medical Congresses

The organizational activity that defines us mostare medical congresses. We have an integrative approach, offering:

  • air transportation;
  • transfers & accommodation;
  • secretarial services & IT support;
  • Audio – visual equipment;
  • Fantastic artistic and social program;
  • Special software for congress management designed to provide congress statistics;
  • Follow – up of your meeting program

Our biggest international event of this sort was organized this April, with the support of the Menarini Foundation. We had more than 700 guests. Our special guest was Prof. Ignarro, Nobel laureate for medicine.


Danube Delta

The Danube Delta has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991. Its wetlands (included on the Ramsar list of wetlands of international importance) support vast flocks of migratory birds, including the endangered Pygmy Cormorant (Phalacrocoraxpygmaeus).

The Danube Delta is the largest river delta in the European Union and is the best preserved one on the continent. The greater part of the Danube Delta lies in Romania (Tulceacounty), while its northern part, on the left bank of the Chilia branch, is situated in Ukraine (Odessa Oblast). Its approximate surface area is 4,152 km2 (1,603 sq mi), of which 3,446 km2 (1,331 sq mi) are in Romania. If one includes the lagoons of Razim-Sinoe, the total area of the Danube Delta reaches 5,165 km2 (1,994 sq mi).

As mentioned above, the waters of the Danube, which flow into the Black Sea, form the largest and best preserved of Europe's deltas.

The Danube Delta hosts over 300 species of birds as well as 45 freshwater fish species in its numerous lakes and marshes.

Here, we can organize many nature–related activities, such as:

  • Photo Safari for the photography lovers, just a few can boast that they have succeeded in one attempt to capture the full beauty of the Danube Delta and the Dobrogea region. It is a challenge for anyone who knows how to use a camera to identify and capture the entire show which takes place every minute of the day in Northern Dobrogea. Activities like: the exploration of the reed maze of the delta’s channels, pelican colonies, fishing adventures, trekking in Macin Mountains, discovery of archaeological and historical relics, enchant every visitor of this natural sanctuary.
  • Fishing activities in Danube Delta or on Razim Lake are carried out usually in the morning or evening and are recommended for parents and kids. Access to fishing locations is done by boat. You can fish by boat or on shore, in bays, lagoons and channels. You can fish, especially: carp, pike and catfish; experienced fishermen may be in luck and catch also some eel or perch.
  • The Danube Delta is a unique refuge in Europe for more than three hundred species of birds. Declared a Biosphere Reservation, Delta offers shelter to migratory species but also to perennial ones, such as wild ducks, egrets, bee-eaters, wild geese, cormorants, eagles, albatrosses, woodcock, partridge, all of which, are dominated by pelicans, the undisputed masters of water and air.
  • Trips to our Delta are increasingly becoming more popular for people of all ages and from very different walks of life. Trekking in Razim lake’s hills, walking on the streets filled with traditional fishermen’s homes and through the oak forest glades of wild peonies, where the lake and land lie under a 200 feet cliff is an enchantment for each and every one of us.

Here, in this special place, we can organize workshops, including the following activities: fishing on the lake or canals, Danube Delta boating, hiking to the Wind Gate and to the Enisala Fortress, trips to the ruins of Histria citadel and to Argamum, special evenings at the amphitheater with live performances by the Russian choir from Sarichioi, barbeque, wine tastings in the Byzantine wine cellar.


For more information please contact Paloma Tours DMC, Mr. Theodor Badiu at


Market Tours

Corporate event at Bran Castle

Corporate event at Bran Castle

Cardiology Congress - Congress room

Cardiology Congress - Catering area

Danube Delta

Danube Delta