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Events and Incentives Work Wonderfully in Romania!

September 2012

Two of Our Upcoming Events

National Biennale of Architecture in Bucharest

The Union of Architects of Romania (UAR) together with Paloma Tours announces the organization of the 10th edition of the National Biennale of Architecture in Bucharest (BNAB) from October 15th to November 15th, 2012, the most important professional event of the architects’ guild, organized continuously since 1994.

The 10th edition of the BNAB has an exceptional cultural dimension, being an anniversary edition where not only the recent production will be presented, urban, interior architecture, restoration and publishing but also the creations that have become in time heritage landmarks. The central dedicated event will be the Romanian architecture competition exhibition BNAB 2012 – 15th of October through the 15th of November 2012 – The National Museum of History in Bucharest.


A Three-in-One Event

The 10th National Conference of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Oct. 25-27)
The 9th Congress of MEDUOG (Oct. 24-25)
1st Congress of the Romanian Society for Ultrasounds in OG (Oct. 24-25)

The Romanian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology will organize in Bucharest between the 24 and 27th of October 2012 the 10th National Conference of OG in partnership with Paloma Tours Invited speakers will be the most relevant professionals of the specialty.

The national conference will be preceded by the 9th Congress of Mediterranean Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology – MEDUOG and by the 1st Congress of Romanian Society in Ultrasonography – SRUOG – with congress location being the National Romanian Library.


Ideas for Incentives

CorvinCastle, the Medieval Fortress of Hunedoara

The Castle of Hunedoara, also known as Corvin’s Castle or Castle of the Huniads, is the medieval fortress of Hunedoara, and one of the most important monuments of Gothic architecture in Transylvania.The castle was built in the fifteenth century by Ioan de Hunedoara in an old fortification on a rock at the foot of Zlasti rivulet. It is an imposing building, equipped with towers, bastions and a donjon. The roofs are high and covered with colored tiles. The castle was restored and turned into a museum. Here we can also organize a medieval dinner and a concert of medieval music in order to reconstruct the specific elements of that period.

Polizu Manor

The Polizu Manor dates from 1878 and offers you ultra all-inclusive services within a broad range in order to cover all your needs. It is promoted as a concept that provides you with the comfort and lm.Here you can do all kind of activities: mountain biking, walks in the park, fruit and vegetable collecting and planting, saline treatments, treatments with sulphuric water andwine tasting.

Medieval Hotel

The Medieval Hotel is located in a historic buildingin the middle of the city of Alba Iulia that dates back 300 years. With the classic image ensemble, stylish furniture and vintage costumed staff, you'll think of the great aristocratic courts of Europe. Restored and renovated, the building retains original architectural elements from the eighteenth century. Medieval Hotel combines historical charm with its quiet surroundings and is situated in an area away from city crowds. Clients can relax in the ambiance of the eighteenth century while also taking advantage of modern services, covering a wide range of desires, including relaxing weekends, holidays and special events in personal or professional life.


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Architecture Biennale

The National Museum of History

National Romanian Library

Corvin Castle Hunedoara

Concert at the Corvin 8Castle

Polizu Manor

Medieval Hotel

Medieval Hotel