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Since the establishment in 1998, our main goal has always been to provide our guests (becoming friends with them in the later years) with European class service, while maintaining a distinct Russian trait of hospitality and sincerity in our work.
The projects are planned with great care in order to share the unforgettable experience of looking into the depths of the Russian soul. Even first-time visitors sense this safe homelike feeling with us set along a unique mood of novelty and excitement.
Whilst not claiming to be the biggest DMC in St.-Petersburg, Leader Team is justly regarded as one of the most creative and, above all, customer focused companies on the market – easily making us the first choice to be considered. Through decades of working hand in hand with our clients, we have gained a tremendous experience of meeting most demanding requests


Caviar Sommelier!

July 2016

Your Russian cocktail with caviar can be assisted by the Caviar Sommelier, master class and degustation.

Master class and degustation is now possible in Russia.

Blini, vodka and black caviar: No real Russian feast is complete without this tasty troika, which has become synonymous with Russian culture.
References to caviar date back to as far as the Persian Empire. However, it hasn't always been regarded as the luxury item it is today. Russian fishermen learned to farm caviar as early as the 12th century and for centuries it was considered nothing more than cheap peasant food, served with porridge and eaten by the bowlful. However, once Ivan the Terrible got a taste for it, its status changed and it has remained a delicacy since.

Caviar is eggs, or roe, extracted from several types of sturgeon fish and then cured in salt brine. The most traditional and famous Russian black caviar comes from the beluga.
As the largest in the sturgeon family, the beluga averages four meters in length, weighing 1,000 kilograms and producing about 20 to 25 percent of its body weight in eggs, equating to some 200 kilograms of usable caviar.
Beluga can live up to 100 years and can start producing eggs as early as 16 years old, but only once every two years. Unfortunately the beluga is becoming quite rare; only 120 or less are caught annually. In fact, all beluga in Russia are now under protection and kept in protected areas.

Caviar Sommelier greets our guests with alive sturgeon.
Every guests has a chance to participate in the ceremony of getting caviar from the fish and sifting.
Who would pass on the opportunity to get in touch with Tsar’s Fish?!
Everybody gets the chance to taste the caviar first, when not ready – without salt – and then 5 minutes later when it’s ready.


For more reservation and/or more information, please contact Valeria Deviatovskaya or Tatiana Gromenkova at russia@euromic.com

Caviar Sommelier