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Since the establishment in 1998, our main goal has always been to provide our guests (becoming friends with them in the later years) with European class service, while maintaining a distinct Russian trait of hospitality and sincerity in our work.
The projects are planned with great care in order to share the unforgettable experience of looking into the depths of the Russian soul. Even first-time visitors sense this safe homelike feeling with us set along a unique mood of novelty and excitement.
Whilst not claiming to be the biggest DMC in St.-Petersburg, Leader Team is justly regarded as one of the most creative and, above all, customer focused companies on the market ? easily making us the first choice to be considered. Through decades of working hand in hand with our clients, we have gained a tremendous experience of meeting most demanding requests


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?Unfolding the Great History?..with Leader Team ?

October 2002

Have you ever been a witness of a historical event?
A real historical event, which already took place?
Sounds pretty weird, but it is possible in a city like St-Petersburg?

Unfolding the Great History

The program offers you to go back in time and brings you to the beginning of the 20th century, that has a full right to be called an era of cataclysms. Three revolutions, two wars, great heroes & great tyrants, Perestroika in the USSR & a new page in the history book of Russia: all these events dashed through the history within the last century. Within the last century the city has changed its name three times: Petersburg -Petrograd- Leningrad- Petersburg. And during all this time the city was at the epicenter of the unfolding events. The trip into the past takes off with a major character of Russian history, Grygory Rasputin, who, doubtless, had a huge influence and is ever since a key figure.

You will be taken onto a quite stretch of Moika River where stands a long yellow building. This building in classical style, was during the second half of the 18th century the residence of the wealthy and respected Yussupoff family and which was at the very center of one of the Russia?s most dramatic moments ? the murder of Grygory Rasputin -. Grygory Rasputin, a peasant and pilgrim who had gained control over the tsar?s family through his alleged supernatural powers, was murdered at the Yussupoff Palace on the night of December 16-17, 1916 and his death was as mysterious as his life.

An exclusive tour of the palace will be started with a welcome cocktail in the Orcestrion room of the Palace. Orcestrion is a unique mini organ ? klavicin of the 19th century. 9 cartoon musical discs will be exclusively set for a short performance especially for you.

After a guided tour by our excellent guides, you will live in person, the story of the murder of Rasputin. You will be also taken downstairs to the original rooms where the real event took place. You will feel a chill on your spine and might be a bit scared by the atmosphere of these ?backstage? premises that are still silently keeping the secrets of the history. The scene of a real murder will be unfolded before you! You will meet face to face with the Grand Duke Felix Yussupoff, his supporters and their victim - Rasputin at the highly dramatic moment of the crime that is still shrouded in mystery.

After the tour is over, you will be invited to a really unique place, which doubtless has no equal in its kind all over the world ? miniature Private Theatre of the Yussupoff family. Anna Pavlova and Fiodor Chaliapin performed at the beautiful stage of this Theatre, which has all the features and equipment of a normal size theatre. The last mistress of the Palace ? countess Zinayda Yussupova, also performed here and even the imperial family has visited the theatre. The theatre has 187 seats and designed in post rococo style. The size of the stalls is equal to the size of the stage.

A 40 minutes ballet or an opera performance will be presented for you. You will feel yourself a participant of an aristocratic party seating on the original 19th?s century French lacquer chair.

After the performance you, inspired with the beauty and the luxury of the place you, you will be invited to the one of the original Dining halls of the Palace where our best catered gala dinner will be awaiting you.
Hearing the sounds of the beautiful classical music played by a live orchestra, you simply will be lured into the kingdom of breathtaking splendour. Music, refined dishes, magnificent interior and furniture, dating back to the times of the real St-Petersburg?s aristocrats ? all together will take you away from the 21st century and dash you back through time. The luxurious and relaxing atmosphere will make you feel for a moment that it all is a dream and provide you with memories that will last forever?.

For more information, please contact Valeria Deviatovskaya at russia@euromic.com
Yussupoff Palace

Moika River


Yussupoff Mirror


Yussupoff Moresque