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Since the establishment in 1998, our main goal has always been to provide our guests (becoming friends with them in the later years) with European class service, while maintaining a distinct Russian trait of hospitality and sincerity in our work.
The projects are planned with great care in order to share the unforgettable experience of looking into the depths of the Russian soul. Even first-time visitors sense this safe homelike feeling with us set along a unique mood of novelty and excitement.
Whilst not claiming to be the biggest DMC in St.-Petersburg, Leader Team is justly regarded as one of the most creative and, above all, customer focused companies on the market ? easily making us the first choice to be considered. Through decades of working hand in hand with our clients, we have gained a tremendous experience of meeting most demanding requests


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April 27th: celebrate an unforgettable Easter in St-Petersburg!

March 2003

The Holy Easter program includes:

  • Visits to the churches that were under suppression during the Bolshevik?s regime but managed to survive and to preserve the spiritual heritage
  • ?Residences outside St-Petersburg? - tour with visits to the palaces of the Tsarina Catherine the Great and the palace of the tsar Paul the First
  • Lunch in the log-house datcha restaurant outside the city
  • Troika riding
  • Russian Blinis
  • Visit to the famous museum Hermitage ? the pearl of the world?s art treasures
  • Visit to the Faberge eggs factory
  • Visit to the cradle place of St-Petersburg: the Peter and Paul fortress, last resort of the Romanov family
  • Lunches and dinners in fancy and eye-catching restaurants of St-Petersburg.
  • Tour of the marvelous Palace of Felix Yusupoff (exclusive tour, private cocktail with surprise). The story of Rasputin?s Murder unfolds here!
  • All guided transfers
  • 4 days ? 3 nights accommodation in DBL rooms at the hotel with character ?D?Angleterre?

The program price is based on 20 persons in a group.
The hotel rooms are subject to availability but you can always apply for options in the other hotels of the city.
The price of the program is 729 USD per person.

Additional possible options (in supplement):

  • Exciting spring team building ?Feel yourself Russian?
  • Urgan team building ? Treasure Hunt?
  • Russian folkloric games, Khorovodi with Russian folkloric instruments
  • Fun and genuine Russian Welcome Drink ?
Faberge Egg



Yusupoff Palace


Russian Vodka Museum