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Since the establishment in 1998, our main goal has always been to provide our guests (becoming friends with them in the later years) with European class service, while maintaining a distinct Russian trait of hospitality and sincerity in our work.
The projects are planned with great care in order to share the unforgettable experience of looking into the depths of the Russian soul. Even first-time visitors sense this safe homelike feeling with us set along a unique mood of novelty and excitement.
Whilst not claiming to be the biggest DMC in St.-Petersburg, Leader Team is justly regarded as one of the most creative and, above all, customer focused companies on the market – easily making us the first choice to be considered. Through decades of working hand in hand with our clients, we have gained a tremendous experience of meeting most demanding requests


Leader Team News

February 2012

Russia's accessions to WTO triple victory for Moscow

After an 18-year negotiation, Russia received an invitation to join the WTO in December 2011. Osakwe stressed in his speech that this decision was made by consensus, which in itself was a politically important signal. He recalled that in 2010 the Russian economy was the 11th largest in the world, currently it is the 9th, and by 2020, according to forecasts, it should become the 4th.

"Russia’s Accession to the WTO has become a “triple victory” for Moscow, for the international trading system based on respect for common rules, and for the global economy," Director of WTO Accession Division Nigerian ChieduOsakwe said at a seminar at the Washington International Trade Association on Thursday.

Some estimates suggest Russian membership will help to boost its economy by tens of billions of dollars each year. Russia is Europe’s third largest export market, while Russia’s own exports have been dominated by oil and gas.

Now Washington should give Moscow the permanent normal trade partner status and repeal the discriminatory Jackson-Vanik amendment against it that once linked trade issues with the freedom of emigration from the USSR, so that Russia could benefit from WTO membership.

The 153-member WTO provides a forum for international trade liberalisation agreements, which it polices - deciding when rules have been breached and when retaliatory trade sanctions can be imposed. The removal of trade barriers is likely to stimulate greater and more diversified trade between Russia and the rest of the world 

Osakwe was asked about his attitude to possible attempts to link the decision on the Jackson-Vanik amendment with the new political and economic demands to Russia. However, he refused to give advice by default to members of the US Congress, expressing confidence that they will manage well without it. However, experienced observers do not rule out that in the conditions of the US election campaign the issue may really be politicized, and its settlement may be delayed.

The WTO representative stressed that the positive outcome of the negotiation process with Russia is the result and evidence of Moscow’s “unquestionable commitment” to participating in the organization’s work. According to him, the unprecedented in volume Russia’s final report has 604 pages and consists of 1,451 articles, 163 of which contain “obligations that are legally binding and backed by enforcement mechanisms.”

However, these conditions are yet to be ratified by the Russian State Duma lower house of parliament. Osakwe gave no direct answer to the question of whether he expects any complications in the process, but he pledged that on its completion WTO Director General Pascal Lamy“will stand at the open doors in anticipation of ratification instrument.” In other countries, according to the expert, no ratification is required any more.


The Biggest Gold Resort in Russia

Marriott Hotel Grouphas announced plans to open JW Marriott, Marriott Hotels & Resorts and Courtyard by Marriott brand hotels in Sochi.

The Marriott KrasnayaPolyana (398 rooms) and the Courtyard by MarriottSochiPlaza(345 rooms) will open in late 2013 and in early 2014  the JW Marriott Sochi Golf Resort (150 rooms) will open.

Hotel Marriott Krasnaya Polyana is located in the resort of "HillsCity", at an altitude of 540 meters above sea level, in the heart of the Olympic press village "Mountain Carousel." The infrastructure of the hotel includes two restaurants, a lobby bar, conference rooms and 1225 square meters of indoor and outdoor pools and fitness center.

Courtyard by Marriott Sochi Plaza is located in the center of Sochi and is part of a fully reconstructed building, which formerly housed the hotel also. The complex will include apartments, offices and shops. The hotel will be close to the waterfront and a private marina. The roof will feature a restaurant and sky bar.

JW Marriott Sochi Golf Resort will become the first hotel in Russia designed for golf and spa located in the area. Surrounded by forests of the SochiNational Park, the hotel will have a championship golf course with 18 holes and a golf club. Here you can play all year, which is rare in Russia. Guests will also have access to a spa area of 700 square meters, tennis courts and the latest sports equipment. The hotel will also house restaurants, a lounge, and a pool bar and bistro.


New Idea for a Gala Dinner

Testing of delicious Russian food at the historical food shop named after its owner, Count Eliseev.

The EliseevShop has existed since the late 19th century and was opened for noble families. It was a shop of Russian delicacies where noble people and masters of houses came by themselves to taste delicious food for their galas and events. Mostly servants came to shops and markets to buy food for dinners of their masters, whileEliseev shop was an exception. This is where masters of houses came by themselves. That is why this shop is so beautifully decorated.

We would like to make a very particular dinner with tables in the middle of the hall and tests of Russian delicacies served on ancient counters such as black sturgeon, red salmon, yellow pike caviar, different brands of Russian vodka, tea served from an old cattle called Samovar, Russian pies called ‘pirogi’, traditional dishes for a imperial dinners of 19th century: the whole cooked sturgeon and baked suckling pig.
Try it! We are sure that your clients will appreciate it!


For more information, please contact Valeria Deviatovskaya or Tatiana Gromenkova at russia@euromic.com


Mr. Osakwe - WTO

WTO Russia

Marriott Krasnaya Polyana

JW Marriott Sochi Golf Resort

Gala Dinner - Eliseev shop

Gala Dinner - Eliseev shop

Gala Dinner - Eliseev shop