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Walthers is an award winning Southern African specialist Incentives and Meetings DMC, with an Individual Travel department. We have 30+ years' experience in all group sizes and cover South and Southern Africa including Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Walthers is Owner-managed, providing consistent delivery of unique and seamless programmes whether for five or 5000 guests. The company has a strong connection with social upliftment and we regularly incorporate CSR into the programmes we operate.


Great Value Awaits...

February 2016

Emerging market currencies are under pressure and those with Euros, Dollars Swiss Francs or British Pounds to spend should seriously consider South Africa.
The impact of the 30% currency devaluation has in effect meant that our clients can afford to jump an entire hotel star category at the same budget.
Those that traditionally could not afford South Africa should seriously reconsider.

We have never been what one could describe a "cheap" destination, rather the quality of the offering is exceptionally high. When we constantly hear our clients exclamations that the gourmet meal they just enjoyed cost a third of what it would back home then we know that we are offering true value.

A few examples of what one could expect to pay for similar items in South Africa

  • A Big Mac Meal in South Africa costs $2.70 or ?2.50
  • A local beer in a Five Star hotel or good restaurant $2.10 under ?2.00
  • A Starbucks (or our equivalent) Cappuccino $1.50 or ?1.40
  • A single download on iTunes $0.60 or ?0.56
  • And if you are driving a liter of petrol $0.73 or ?0.67

Whilst some hotels and safari lodges have indicated that they are increasing prices we have many that are not. So if you had visited a year ago you would find most hotels cost 30% less. And of course, at Walthers, we are not increasing our management fees in 2016.

Will it last? In our view yes, at least for 2016 and possibly into 2017 too. So why don't you consider South Africa for your next project. Walthers DBS have more than 30 years of expertise in the region and would appreciate the opportunity to propose for your next project.

Value in South Africa

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