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SHE DMC is a privately owned travel company specializing in providing services to the MICE segment all over Continental Spain and its Islands. As Destination Logistic Support Company, SHE DMC can provide any type of service expected from a DMC plus consultancy, coordination, event design and full or partial support to any program. Totally dedicated to service, the company integrates in the team of its clients to achieve the mutual goal of delivering a successful program.


Ideas from Spain...

October 2013

Arty Ambience at Ocaña: THE New Trendy Spot!

Ocaña, a new place that only Barcelonans know how to create: a restaurant, coffee shop, bar and night club, all in one! Right in the Royal Square (Plaza Real) in Barcelona, with more than 1000 m2 and several floors, Ocaña was designed with a splendid decoration combining all type of bits and pieces found in “second hand” markets. Good ambience and great modern Catalan cuisine, mixing traditional recipes, local tapas and fresh products from the region. Our recommendations: a Mojito or Bloody Mary infusion at their “Apotheke” bar. A great place to hold any type of event!


An Innovative activity for Incentives: Catering Building!

If you are looking for the type of activity that is aimed to foster participant bonding, this is the answer offered to you by SHE DMC:

Our guests will enjoy the preparation of the catering service for their lunch or dinner, having three main activities, adaptable to the client’s needs:

  1. Set up of the room: provided all the elements it will be our guests challenge to design and set up the perfect room for their own event!
  2. Menu making: they will have at their disposal the ingredients and tableware needed for the cooking of the chosen menu.
  3. Service Menu: where they will enjoy the food they’ve cooked in the ambience they’ve created.

It can take place as in any Hacienda in the outskirts, as a “country day”, or in any venue within the city… Our suggestion is to combine it with a “drinking from the porrones*” contest, this with a typical Spanish menu will make the joy of all participants!

*Porrones: glass or leather jar with a long tapered drinking spout.


Hotel Madrid Intercontinental Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

The Hotel InterContinental Madrid celebrates its 60th anniversary throughout 2013, which it will do in style with a complete agenda of activities beginning in March and ending in December such as a bridal exhibition and the launching of the refurbished Ballroom Granados.

The Hotel InterContinental Madrid boasts 302 rooms, and it is located in one of the best areas of the city, right in the financial heart of the capital close to the best museums and shopping districts. A great property for your next project in Madrid!

We will be sharing this so special celebration with our friends from Intercontinental Madrid this next October 10th joining what it seems will be the party of the year. Congratulations!


See Barcelona’s “finished” Sagrada Familia

Generations of tourists have flocked to visit Barcelona's spectacular, but still unfinished, Sagrada Familia.

The initial work began in 1882 on the Basílicai Temple Expiatori de la SagradaFamília with Catalan architect Antoní Gaudi taking the reins a year later. Still 120 years on, the building is still amassed of busy stonemasons, and the church may well be the only unfinished edifice in the world to be declared UNESCO World Heritage.

But the end is in sight and if construction continues at its current speed, the cathedral is expected to be completed by 2026.

However, you don't have to wait until then to see the finished results. Let us share with you this amazing video. It will take just 90 seconds to walk you through 15 years of construction, ending with the image of a fully completed cathedral!


Do not hesitate to contact Spanish Heritage for your events in Spain: Mrs. Sara Merino at

Ocana Club

Ocana Restaurant

Catering Building - Porrones

Hotel Intercontinental Madrid

Sagrada Familia