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Spanish Heritage
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December 2008

Bull ranch in Cadiz

Get initiated in the hidden secrets of bullfighting and get your knowledge from a privileged source, -one of the most influential families of Spain-, the Domecq´s
This ranch, which is one of the Domecq’s family estates, is where the fierce bulls of Torrestrella are bred and trained as well as its famous Arabian horses.
The horses are part of a variety used for bullfighting, where the bullfighter fights the bull horseback riding, in what is called “rejoneo”.

It is an ideal opportunity to watch the natural beauty of the estate, the different stages in the life of the fighting bulls, horses, oxen, cows and other animals in the environment.
Hear the birdsong, the bellowing of the bulls, the neighing of the horses, the sound of the cowbells… and the quiet of the countryside, the Andalusian pastures.
And also taste the sherry wine which originates from this area.
This day activity can be done either from Cadiz, Seville or even from the Costa del Sol areas.


Tomato Battle in Bunol

The town of Bunol, near Valencia, hosts \"La Tomatina\" or tomato battle (the world\'s largest vegetable fight) once every year, on the last Wednesday of August.

Situated only 30 kilometers inland from the Mediterranean Sea, this charming town erupts into a fiery blaze of tomato-hurling.
The tomato battle has become one of the most popular and worldwide recognized Spanish festivals, where everyone can participate.
The festivities include fireworks which light the summer sky, while street parties warm up at ground level. Rosé wine flows and the hefty scent of wood fired “paella” fills the air. Music plays and people dance, a festival in full swing using any definition you care to apply.
Many trucks haul the bounty of tomatoes into the center of the town, Plaza del Pueblo. The signal for the beginning of the fight is the firing of water cannons, and the chaos begins. Once it starts, it is generally everyone for himself. Those who partake in this event are strongly encouraged to wear protective safety goggles and gloves. In addition, they must squish the tomatoes before throwing for safety precautions. Another rule is that no one is allowed to bring into this fight anything that may provoke someone into a more serious brawl, such as a glass bottle. Although it is forbidden to tear someone else\'s clothing, the crowd tends to ignore this and invariably will rip the shirt of any clothed person, man or woman. After exactly one hour, the fighting ends when the water cannons are fired once more to signal the end. At this point no more tomatoes can be thrown.


The Queen Witch

A unique venue in Madrid, offering a striking decoration with undulating forms and changing light colors.
The space can accommodate up to 1,000 pax and it is very adequate for cocktails, product presentations, themed parties and event banqueting, particularly for events related with the technological segments of the industry because of its contemporary design.  However it can also be used by any other company wishing to add a modern touch to a party.


Galicia – the surprising Spain

Set in the northwest corner of Spain, just North of Portugal, the Spanish autonomous region of Galicia is the ideal place for any event, because of the ease of communication with the rest of Spain, its size, the wealth of its artistic heritage in combination with its excellent food and drinks.  In particular the sea-food with emphasis on shellfish reputed of being the best in Spain, especially the lobsters, oysters and clams.

Galicians have proved experts at converting historical buildings into modern hotels, but without losing the tiniest bit of their charm. Set in rural manors of ancient lineage, in old monasteries or in elegant surroundings, they are all fine examples of sophisticated quality suitable for functions of any kind that find their perfect setting in an exceptional and refined nineteenth-century atmosphere.

The most important cities are Santiago de Compostela, where allegedly the Apostle Saint James is buried and which, since the Middle Ages, has been a point of pilgrimage from many countries in Europe.  Furthermore there is La Corunna, a very important port and beautiful town with charming buildings and monuments.

The rugged Atlantic Coast has quaint villages with fine examples of typical architecture.

There are many daily flights between Madrid and Barcelona and Galicia’s three major airports: La Corunna, Santiago and Vigo plus some European connections.


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Bull Ranch

Bull Ranch

Tomato Battle

Tomato Battle

Queen Witch