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Spanish Heritage
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June 2010

My Last visit to Barcelona: discovering “El Born” as a real Tourist!

This past Friday, my husband and I took the high speed train from Madrid for a weekend escape to Barcelona. (At only two and a half hours, this even makes for great for a day trip!). It is always great to visit this wonderful city, but this was a chance to explore as a visitor rather than as a professional event organizer. We enjoyed the charm of the city, its people, its corners and the cosy restaurants and bars instead of visiting hotels and venues.

I would like to take this opportunity to share our journey along one of my favourite neighbourhoods in the city: El Born.

El Born is the fashion-victims’ paradise. It is full of “alternative” shops and cafes with great personality, window displays, design furniture, and gastronomic caprices.

We started our stroll in Argenteria Street, an enclave of silversmiths during the middle ages. Is has been turned into a pedestrian mall, where coffee scents from Coffee place El Magnifico mixes with the ones from traditional tapas bars. Continuing up the street, we ended up at the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Mar, which was built in the 18th Century by workers from all trades. It is in my opinion one of the most beautiful Gothic churches I have ever seen. In the square before the Church, we made a stop at a very cosy place called “La Vinya del Senyor" for a glass of wine and one of their many simple and delicious plates.

Just steps away, we saw Bubó, another dessert shop that is well worth a visit. They sell beautiful cakes, mousses and chocolates, the likes of which you have never seen or tasted before. I convinced my husband to share a dessert, and, although he does not have much of a sweet tooth, he enjoyed it as much as I did if not more. We almost ordered a second one!

We then headed towards Montcada Street and made another stop, also highly recommended, at “Felt Amb Love”, a shop full of colours and magic accessories. Montcada Street is filled with old palaces, built by merchants, that now house attractions like the “Clothing and TextilesMuseum” and the “PicassoMuseum,” and a charming terrace coffeehouse. Following the path, we turned onto Princesa Street where we entered a unique store, “El Rey de la Magia”, where one can find all manner of antique and contemporary magician’s supplies.

In the medieval urban grid a bit further down, we lost ourselves in the streets of Barra de Ferro, Cotoners, Esquirol, Carassa, Mirallers, Grunyí, Brosolí and Banys Vells, where we discovered several artist lofts, shops that are like treasures, and charming little restaurants. All this may have been a real luxury for the sight, but it was still comfortable on the pocket!

We then took a trip to Sombreres Street where I showed my husband another one of my favourite places in the city, “E&A Gispert,” a nuts and dried fruits shop where they have an old wood oven to toast all the products they sell the old fashioned way.
We kept walking through the Passeig del Born, where we encountered “Born en Rivera”, the atelier of the famous Roser Marcé, internationally recognized as one of Spain’s most talented fashion designers. The place, once an old warehouse of cloths and fabrics, is a marvellous site, where each corner provokes a sense of creativity. The Passeig del Born is full of small bars with terraces. It is the perfect atmosphere to regain one’s strength after a long walk and we decided to make our last stop the Taverna del Born. Here we had the traditional Spanish appetizer, a “caña” (glass of draft beer) and “patatas bravas” (fried potatoes in hot sauce). The perfect ending for a great stroll!


The Real Madrid keeps growing their list of fans
amongst International Celebrities

During a visit to Madrid to promote the latest Robin Hood movie, Russell Crowe stopped by Real Madrid City to meet several players and discuss his admiration for the club.
An avid sports fan and owner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs (a rugby team in Australia) Russell Crowe is also a passionate football supporter. "I always check out La Liga table to see where Barcelona and Real Madrid stand; you have a great team," said the actor.
After watching the practice match pitch side, Crowe was able to meet several Madridistas and also presented each player with South Sydney Rabbitohs hat.
The most anticipated moment of the visit took place when the actor met Cristiano Ronaldo. The Academy Award winner conversed with the Ballon d'Or winner and the two exchanged mementos: a cap for a personalized Real Madrid shirt.
The visit with Real Madrid was the perfect ending to a whirlwind trip to the Spanish capital for Russell Crowe. “It was fun man. Obviously Real Madrid is a legendary club.”


The Talking Car in Madrid
Come & Try “one of the coolest inventions of the year”

A little, yellow, GPS-Guided, talking car is now on the streets, telling the stories of Spain's Capital City - Madrid.
The car first appeared in Spain in Barcelona in June 2008 and then in Valencia followed in May 2009. Now GPS Guided tours make Madrid an even better companion city to the Catalan capital.
With its Old Town and Belle Epoque era broad avenues, Madrid offers the independent traveller a tour of contrasts and amazing insights into Spanish culture and history. Throw in a fantastic climate, a diverse architecture, historical sites, and it is easy to see why Madrid is an ideal city to try the Storytelling Car. There is full range of GPS-Guided Tour options in multiple languages, from just an hour to all day long. Come and see why Time Magazine named this touring vehicle “One of the Coolest Inventions of the Year!”


New Terminal Opening at Malaga International Airport

With the completion of Terminal 3 at Malaga Airport in Southern Spain and a second runway scheduled for 2011, the airport is now prepared to handle 30 million passengers a year.

It was with much pomp and ceremony that King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia opened the long awaited – and expensive – new Terminal 3 at Malaga airport on March 15th 2010.
The new Terminal, which features an avante-garde design, has taken over 5 years to build and has nearly doubled the size of Malaga airport. The airport now boasts 180 check-in desks, 48 boarding gates and 26 baggage reclaim belts. The new runway is on schedule for to open by early 2011.


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