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Geneva: International Capital World Circus 2010...

January 2010

After Lausanne, it is now Geneva’s turn to become the 365 day dream of World Circus in 2010.

World circus is a travelling event celebrating the arts of the circus. Before thousands of spectators, the circus seeks to renew a sense of the marvellous and spectacular through an old world festival of travelling entertainers.  Featured events will include dancers, opera, music, workshops, visual arts, theatre, acrobats, jugglers, tightrope walkers, fakirs and fire breathers.  There will also be clowns, stunt men, magicians, animal trainers, horseback riders, light shows, circus parades, and mimes.  Come and see cosmic circus and computer circus performances, and marvel at the science and physics of the circus world.  Here are just some of the reasons you should join us in Geneva for World Circus 2010!

World Circus will touch classical music with the collaboration of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Ensemble Instrumental Romand, Ensemble Variante, and the Geneva Brass Quintet. It will slide into pop music, jazz, techno and rock circus with scenes from the Chat Noir, the songs of Ella Fitzgerald and the Lake Parade.

All summer long, between the Bastions Park, the Place du Rhône and city squares, we\'ll dream during free circus shows.  Entertainment from four continents, such as a world of clowns, dance, magic, tightrope walkers, comedians, street theatre, art performance, trapeze artists, and jugglers will make children and adults dream.

We\'ll be awed with world premiers at the Théâtre les Montreurs d\'images. We\'ll be bewitched at Théâtre Am Stram Gram, Théâtre des Marionnettes, the Théâtre de Carouge and the Théâtre du Loup.

The Geneva festivals will turn on the footlight and bring a dizzying display to the city.  Everyone will discover the secret magic of the circus!

We will navigate culture and physics with UNO and CERN, presenting children of the world and science-based circus exhibitions. 34 countries will participate in this demonstration of unlimited multicultural frontiers.

We\'ll be dazzled by fireworks at the Fête de Genève and the musical movement of Nina Rota, Cesare Sterbini and Nicola Frize.

World Circus Geneva 2010 will be the Host of Honour for the Festival of Geneva 2010

Several exhibitions will present the circus through the lens of Grock Château de Penthes, the Kabuki Theatre of Japan and Fundation Baur, with wild street posters that evoke classic circus art.  Come and see the contemporary art at Halles du Nord, Over two centuries of circuses past in Geneva, The Library de St.Jean and Library de Genève, the Museum Of Caroug, or Fellini and the Circus.  The Palexpo Center will become a garden of circus delights!

Circus schools Théâtre-Cirqule, Une fois un cirque from Confignon, L’élastique Citrique from Nyon, Scuola Dimitri Verscio will do pirouettes on a trapeze, constantly delighting children and adults alike. Passing by the archeology at the Roman Museum in Nyon will let us discover the archeological authenticity of the beginning of street theatre in antiquity.

The cinema will drive us wild with La Strada, Clowns, Freaks, Cac Voltaire, Bio from Carouge, Bernex and the unique films \"The tears of the clown\" by Victor
Sjöström, 1924, Bio, as well as cartoons Cinématou.

The horse, this noble fellow, will amuse us by his trot and gallop to the sound of flamenco.

In 2010, 15 Geneva municipalities will become a pulsating circus stage.  We’ll marvel at the Circus of Insects in Carouge, Plans-les-Ouates and the clownish music in Onex. All hearts of Versoix will beat in unison with the glee of circus dreams.

The Circus will also come to the University Hospital of Geneva to thrill all patients with a smile. 

World of Circus 2010 shows just how many ways of expression can serve the same art!


For more information, please visit  or contact Mr. Giancarlo Carrera at

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