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July 2013

Bangkok is expected to be the #1 One City for International Visitor Arrivals in the year 2013, welcoming 15.98 million tourists from all over the world.

This forecast by MasterCard tips Bangkok to overtake New York City, London and Paris which have reigned among top three spots for many years. This is in line with several other awards and recognitions by publications, print and online, and travel websites during recent years.

A good portion of this number will certainly be incentive achievers, meeting attendees, conventioneers and other business-related travelers. It is a proven fact that Bangkok draws higher number of participants if it is selected as the destination for travel programs and events.

Planners of any event often look for unique and special features for their programs as many participants will have already visited the City of Angels of the Orient, since some 65% of visitors to Thailand are repeaters, an enviable fact to other destinations.

Among the uniquely Thai attributes is Thai cuisine, which can be experienced at a Thai cooking classes on offer with great popularity not only in Bangkok but also at all major destinations in Thailand. Thai cooking can be offered as accompanying persons program or an interactive team bonding activity for the entire group, with a light competition built in.

Muaythai, or Thai boxing, is another prominent indigenous treasure from the country. This unique martial art has taken the extreme sport world by storm, and competitions are organized around the world, televised and promoted extensively. Muaythai camps in Bangkok and many other locations have sprung up to meet demands of fitness enthusiasts, young and not so young, male and female, who can spend a day, a few days, weeks or months experiencing, learning and training the world?s most effective self defense art. A short visit to a camp during an excursion or scavenger hunt or a gala dinner in a boxing stadium can be arranged and will be the highlight of a program.

For those in a competitive and stressful corporate world, Mental Detoxification Program can be a mild but effective inclusion of a travel program. MDP is known to be highly effective in improving health, creativity, productivity & job performance while reducing and eliminating the detrimental effects of stress and anxiety, emotionally and physically. This unique program is essential to all executives, easy to implement and is very cost-effective. Ultimately, it helps one to become a more self-reliant and self-motivated individual. MDP can be conducted anywhere with total flexibility but is of course highly effective in a relaxing environment of a beach or mountain resort, or a meditation walk on the serene grounds of a temple.


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Thai Cooking


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