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Top Festivals in Tunisia

June 2015

The Tunisians “joy of life” is reflected in their festivals. Even the smallest village sets aside a time for celebration whether it is for the summer harvest, fishing season, a local saint, or the arrival of spring. Visitors are always welcome and urged to participate whether it is in dancing, sharing a cup of tea or just a friendly smile.

The International Festival of Carthage is considered one of the most important festivals and it is housed in the antique theater of Carthage. The theater was restored in the early twentieth century and has a capacity for approximately 7,500 spectators.
Its 50th Edition happened during the months of July and August of 2014 and it was a success; the festival went beyond the Mediterranean culture to deliver all kinds of artwork. In every Edition, the festival has attracted not only local artists but also the most famous international artists worldwide such as the Greek composer and pianist Yanni, the hip hop/electronic music singer Stromae, American singer and pianist Liz McComb, British pop singer Paul Young, American guitarist Jorge Benson, British-Lebanese songwriter MIKA, the Bollywood Express dance crew, Parisian actor Charles Aznavour, American singer Mariah Carey, Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, Algerian singer  Cheb Khaled,  Cheb Mami, Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia and etc…

The El Jem International Symphony Music Festival was founded in 1985 with the intention to draw an international audience and performances. This festival is considered as one of the most interesting cultural events as the concerts are held in the amphitheater by candlelight. During summer time, musicians from all over the world travel about 160 km from the capital to south of Tunisia to perform at the magnificent Coliseum.
This event has gathered in the past: the International Orchestra of Germany under the direction of Maestro Markus Stenz, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Queen Elisabeth musical journey with the Symphony Orchestra of Warsaw; Opera Ball Orchestra of Vienna: Viennese Waltzes and polkas; Symphony Orchestra of Rome: Mozart and Beethoven and etc.

Les Dunes Électroniques is a unique festival that unfolds in the original filming location for Star Wars films in the Tunisian Desert. The 2nd Edition was a three days event that occurred during the month of February 2015; with a very interesting program that included famous techno music artists such as the American Derrick May, the French Dj Popof  and Julian Jeweil; Luxembourger composer Francesco Tristano, German Musical Artist Superpitcher ,contemporary and urban dances, photos and films. This event was a springboard for Tunisia at all levels as the organizers were awarded the Dougga prize for the best cultural event in Tunisia.

The International Festival of the Sahara. The Saharian Festival of Douz is a special interest to those who dream of the vast expanse of dunes and sober beauty of the Sahara. Douz, the gateway to the desert, offers an authentic and genuine picture of desert traditions, folk art and customs. The village itself, surrounded by sand dunes, is the departure point for the Mehares and Saharian safaris.

The Festival of Colors is a cultural, artistic and musical event reunited in a unique atmosphere through a carnival of colors. Its 2nd Edition was held in May 1st, 2015 in Hammamet gathering distinguished DJs from all over the world such as the German stars Milk & Sugar, Mostrow from London, Nakata and etc.
At least 15 thousand people attended the event discovering unfamiliar rituals and reinforcing the value of cultural exchange regardless of their music preferences to enjoy all types of international music. This event was an important opportunity to promote Tunisia to the whole world as a hosted country for different kinds of events.

The Tunisian Balloons Festival was the first hot air balloon festival ever organized in the Arab World taking places in the cities of Hammamet and Sousse from March 16th-23rd, 2015. The event was considered exceptional as teams from Spain, Italy, Hungary, France, Poland, Switzerland and Tunisia performed for a week, including operations to take off (up to 10 meters high) and flight. In March 20th, 2015 a “Night Glow” event in Sousse marked the 59th celebration of Tunisia’s Independence. The organizers plan to repeat the event annually during the month of March in order to turn Tunisia into the “capital of hot air balloons in Africa”.

Besides these festivals above you can also enjoy the International Jazz Festival in Carthage and Tabarka, Live Music, International Festival of Dougga, Exhibitions, Poetry reading in Hammamet, Falconry Festival, Thoroughbred Horse Festival, Ulysses Festival, International Festival of Testour, Plastic Arts Festival and etc.


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The International Festival of Carthage

The El Jem International Symphony Music Festival

Les Dunes Electroniques

The International Festival of the Sahara

The Festival of Colors

The Tunisian Balloons Festival