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From the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea...

November 2015

Tunisia has been always distinguished by the intensity of its cultural activities and its contribution to universal civilization. As descendants of indigenous Berbers and a colorful mix of umpteen civilizations, modern Tunisians are a blend of ethnicities that have invaded, migrated to, and been absorbed into the population over three millennia.

Recently having the Nobel Peace Prize 2015 awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet for ?its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in the country in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011?, Tunisians believe that aiming for a democratic and peaceful country is possible and, by winning this prize it shows that humankind can reach solutions through dialogue.

In a cultural tour from North to South, a group of Brazilians have recently lived and experienced every single detail that once were only able to be found in history books. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean and leaving behind the country of carnival, samba and soccer, 14 Brazilians finally arrived in Tunisia to testify a prestigious past found on Tunisia?s archaeological sites, museums and the magnificent Mediterranean Sea.

The journey included a visit to the archaeological site of Dougga. It is the best-preserved Roman city in North Africa. It was originally the seat of the NumidianKing Massinissa, but was under Roman administration from the second century AD. It was awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO in 1997. The group was also fascinated by the great salt desert Chott El Jerid which is the largest salt pan of the Sahara with a surface area over 7,000 km




Group in Chebika




El Jem

Bardo Museum

Happy Group