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Tunisia Magnificent North...

October 2016

Day1: Meet And Greet Tunis Airport

Meet and greet at Tunis airport and transfer to hotel Dar Said (Or similar) in Sidi Bou Said.


Day2: Full Day Bardo - Carthage - Sidi Bou Said

After breakfast, you will visit the Bardo Museum with its spectacular collection of Roman mosaics, then visit to the “Old Tunisia” – Medina (Both Historic Heart , 20th century European parts and Modern suburbs).

On to Carthage which is an extensive archaeological site, located on a hill dominating the Gulf of Tunis and the surrounding plain. Carthage has exercised considerable influence on the development of the arts, architecture and town planning in the Mediterranean.
You will also see the tophets, the Punic ports, Antonine Baths, Byrsa Hill, the cisterns, the Carthage Museum.

Return to the delightful hillside town of Sidi Bou Said with its superb views over the Bay of Tunis.
From there, it’s back to your hotel in SidiBou Said.


Day3: Sidi Bou Said – Oudhna - Takrouna

After breakfast, there will be a full day excursion to Oudhna (Uthina) which lies at about 30 kms south of the capital, on the road to Zaghouan.

Visit the ancient site, and discover how the legacy of the Phoenician Adyn was taken over by the Carthaginian and Roman Uthina; the city also has an impressive amphitheater, forum capitol and the great baths.

Then on the village of Takrouna: set atop a rocky outcrop which is why it has always been a prized defensive position.
Return to hotel in Sidi Bou Said.


Day4: Tunis - Oued Zarga -Tabarka

After breakfast, departure from Tunis to Oued Zarga War Cemetery - approximately 80 kilometres west of Tunis, midway between Medjez El Bab and Beja on the GP6 road. (In May 1943, the war in North Africa came to an end in Tunisia with the defeat of the Axis powers by a combined Allied force. Oued Zarga War Cemetery contains 247 Common wealth burials of the Second World War).

Continuation to Tabarka and accommodation at hotel La Cigale 5*on half board.


Day5: Tabarka - Chemitou - Bulla Regia

After breakfast, on toChemitou, an ancient site in north-western Tunisia, located 20 km from the city of Jendouba, near the Algerian border. It is known for its important marble quarries which were exploited from the 2nd century BC. The Chemtou Museum displays artifacts discovered in the area;

Visit to Bulla Regia - the city was first mentioned by Latin classical sources when the pursuing Roman armies caught up with the Numidian king Hiarbas. You will also see rich villas decorated with mosaics, baths, temples and a theater;
Return to your hotel in Tabarka, La Cigale for dinner and overnight stay.


Day 6: Tabarka – Makthar – Elles - Le Kef

After breakfast departure to Le Kef via Makthar. Visit of Elles megalithic tombs which arefrom around the 2nd Century BCE. The Elles tombs are deeply fascinating.
Elles is 33 km away from Makthar and about 48 km from Le Kef. Only a few of the tombs can be entered. Tomb n°16 is the best preserved one of all. The size of the stones used for roofing the tombs is 3X2 meters and up to 40 cm thick. Here at Elles, the Numidian history is exhibited.

Arrival to Le Kef for diner and overnight at the boutique hotel Dar BouMakhlouf, where you will taste the traditional food Burzguen.


Day 7: Le Kef –Haidra – Sbeitla - Kairouan

After breakfast you will drive with your guide to Kairouan, with stops for visiting on route the archeological site of Haidra (Ammaedra), where you find one of the largest Byzantine fortresses in Tunisia, a selection of fine buildings, a well-preserved Byzantine church and underground baths, and not to forget, the fascinating mausoleums in the shape of towers.
Continuation to Sbeitla (Sufetula): It was site of the first major battle between the Muslim armies from the south-east and those of the Byzantines who made the city their headquarters. Since then, the city seems to have led a peaceful life that encouraged its growth and prosperity.
Arrival to Kairouan and overnight at hotel La Kabah 5* on half board.


Day 8: Kairouan – Sousse - Hammamet

After breakfast, you will have the chance to visit Kairouan, the Capital of the Muslim Maghreb, it stands as one of the most important features of Islam as mainly The Great Mosque, Medina and other impressive monuments such as The SidiSahbi Mausoleum and its magnificent ceramics.
After lunch, your guide will take you to Sousse to visit the Ribat, the museum and the medina, and then on to Hammamet.
Arrival to hotel Hasdrubal Thalassa and Spa 5*, overnight stay on half board.


Day 9:Day At Leisure In Hammamet

A free day in Hammamet to relax and benefit from the hotel 's facilities: Spa and Thalasso treatments. Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa 5* on half board.
(Tunisia is Nbr 1 in the World in Thalasso Therapy).


Day 10: Departure Hammamet Tunis

Breakfast at hotel and departure transfer to Tunis airport for your return flight.
End of our services.


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Oued Zarga War Cemetery


Elles tombs