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Complete Nature Round Trip...

October 2008

Day1: Arrival at Airport Tunis Carthage

  • Arrival at Tunis Carthage airport, assistance and transfer to the hotel in Tunis Gammarth.
  • Dinner and accommodation in the hotel.

Day2: Carthage, Sidi Bou Said, Tunis

  • Departure to Carthage: set up in 814 B.C. and Rome’s biggest rival, where we can find one of the best historic sites in the western Mediterranean. Visit of the roman ruins, the Thermal bath of Antonin and the Punic ports.
  • Departure to Sidi Bou Said: a truly magnificent village to be found with its Moorish white houses sitting high on the hill in privileged harmony.
  • Visit of the Marabou City and relax in the famous “Café Sidi Chabaane” or “Café des Nattes” offering a very nice Sea view.
  • Departure to Tunis, visit of the Medina and free time in the souks for shopping.
  • Return to the hotel in Gammarth, dinner and accommodation.

Day3: Tunis, Lake Ichkeult, Tabarka

  • Departure to visit the lake Ichkeul classified national park and the new dam lake of Sid Barrak.  This is a gathering place for many water bird species, migrating between Ichkeul National Park and the famous wetlands of North Africa: El Kala Lake in Algeria and registered as part of the UNESCO’s world patrimony. A delight for birdwatchers, the more that one can observe here some extremely rare species.
  • Continuation to Tabarka, visit of the town and the Basilicas overhanging the sea.
  • Dinner and overnight stay in the hotel.

Day4: Tabarka, Feija

  • We visit the Feidja National Park where you will see forest birds like the famous levaillant’s Green Woodpecker, the Barbary deer, small mammals, the orchids, mushrooms and other gems of the oak forest.
  • Return to the hotel dinner and accommodation.

Day5: Tabarka, Ain Drahem, Hamman Bouguiba, Tabarka

    • Departure to Ain Drahem, the beautiful village with an open view to the ruins.
    • Visit the natural reserve of Dj Kroufa and the reserve of Dar Fatma, one of the rare peat bogs in Tunisia 
    • Return the hotel, dinner and accommodation.

Day6: Tabarka, Bullareggia, Kasserine, Sbeitla

  • Departure to Bulla Reggia, Arrival in Bulla Reggia, visit of the archaeological site: the roman ruins, the underground houses, the thermae of Julia Memmia, etc …
  • Visit the museum of marble in Chemtou
  • Departure to Kasserine Vial Le Kef Table Jugurta to discover many birds of prey like the Egyptian Vulture, the Black Kite, and the Long-legged Buzzard
  • Panoramic views of the mountains
  • Continuation to Sbeitla, dinner and accommodation

Day7: Sbeitla, Kasserinet, Tamerza

  • Departure to visit the National Park of Chaâmbi, with a bit of luck and much discretion, you will discover several exceptional species, like Mouflon à Manchettes, Mountain Gazelles, and Striped Hyenas. Also to be observed: many Warblers with the Mouser’s Redstarts  and the Crossbill
  • Afternoon, departure to Tamerza, dinner and accommodation

Day8: Tamerza, Lezard Rouge, Chebika, Mides

  • Departure to Metlaoui and excursion in “Lezard Rouge”, the famous train traversing the grooves of Selja. There we can see the famous Trumpeter Finch with many Wheatears
  • Afternoon, departure In 4X4 to Chebika, visit of the old village and the palm grove, continuation to Tamerza, visit of the palm grove, the water-fall, stop in the old village, continuation to Midès, visit of the canyons.
  • Return to the hotel, dinner and accommodation.

Day9: Tamerzat, Tozeur, Kebili, Douz

  • Departure to Tozeur, one of the most famous oases in the world which is surrounded by 200 springs. It is sheltered by a palm grove of more than 1000 ha - about 400.000 palm trees.
  • Visit of the Dar Chraiet Museum.
  • Departure   to Kébili via Chott El Jerid, the salt lake, stops at the water spring and visit of the oasis in Kebili.
  • You will explore the mountain oases, where migrating birds rest after crossing the Sahara and you\'ll appreciate the wetlands around Chott Jerid, several species living on the shore and exploiting the natural richness.
  • Continuation to Douz, the desert gate,
  • Visit of the sand dunes and possibility of camel riding (optional and on guest’s charge).
  • Dinner and overnight stay.

Day10: Douz, Ksar Ghilane

  • Depart to discover the Grand Eastern Erg in the National Park of Jebil on the route of the water wells. Here you can admire the characteristic flora, which did adapt to the dry conditions and the sand, as the Calligonum Azal, the Retama Retame, and so on… and a specific fauna which mastered the desert as the Desert Sparrow, the Mourning Wheatear, the Cream Colored Courser and many larks specially the Hoopoe Lark, the Rym Gazelle and the Houbara Bustard if we have lucky
  • Dinner and overnight stay in the tent at Ksar Ghilane

Day11: Ksar Ghilan, Matmata, Tataouine

  • You will be able to see in the areas of Ksar Ghilane and Nafzaouza the border between sand and rocky desert.
  • Departure to Matmata, a troglodyte village and visit of a traditional troglodyte house (a site where the movie Star Wars was recorded).
  • Continuation to Metameur via Medenine and visit of the Ksars.
  • Afternoon, visit of the Berber villages Ksar Haddada, Ghomrassen.
  • Continuation to Tataouine, dinner and accommodation

Day12: Tataouine, Medenine, Gabes, Sfax, El Jem, Sousse

  • Departure to Gabès via Medenine : sea side oasis by the Golf of Syrta overlooking the sea, visit of the maritime oasis, free visit in the Jara souk , possibility of a horse carriage ride  (optional and on guest’s charge).
  • Continuation to Sfax and stop for relaxing.
  • Departure to El Jem and visit of the 2nd Roman Amphitheatre of the world with a capacity of 35.000 spectators.
  • Continuation to Sousse, dinner and overnight.

Day13: Kairouan, Sousse

  • Departure to Kairouan and visit of the huge Mosque Okba Ibn Nafaa, the Aglabiden pool and the Saint Abou Zemaa El Balaoui.
  • Visit the medina and free time for shopping.
  • Return to the hotel in Sousse and free afternoon.
  • Dinner and accommodation in the hotel.

Day14: Sousse, Monastir

  • Assistance and transfer to the airport for the trip back home.


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