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Built on a foundation of seventeen years of solid experience in high-end tourism and event organization, Barclay’s Group Travel has the resources to reveal all the facets of Tunisia. We organize à la carte stays, incentives, events, conferences/seminars, fairs, golf holidays, tours, circuits and specific tournaments as well as thalassotherapy and wellness holidays. Barclay’s Group Travel stands today as one of the leading DMCs in Tunisia. Our main objective is to meet our client’s needs, expectations and to produce the right product for every request. We do so by providing our clients with a qualified staff able to support them with comprehensive information and assist them during their stay. During the past few years, we have built and solidified a reputation for reliability, creativity and honesty that is vital for earning and maintaining our partners' and customers' confidence.


Barclay’s Group Travel
6 good reasons to choose Tunisia....

September 2009

The Destination

Tunisia, a land of colors and contrasts, spices and scents invites you to enjoy its natural beauty, ancient cities and the warm friendliness of its people and an impressive infrastructure of modern hotels, restaurants and international airports.
In this land of the familiar and the exotic, one can watch the sunrise over the Sahara, enjoy a gourmet meal at a seaside resort and top off the evening with a midnight swim in the pool of a modern comfortable hotel or the Mediterranean Sea.

Whether you prefer a long walk along sparkling beaches, wind surfing in the cool Mediterranean breeze, exploring ancient sites and legendary cities, having a Sahara adventure, a game of golf or just a long lazy day relaxing on the warm golden sands, Tunisia has it all.
The eastern and the western influence on art, culture and social life of Tunisian people is very obvious.
The official language is Arabic but French is widely spoken and English, Italian and German are commonly known.

Tunisia is considered the most attractive destination in Africa.

Whatever the season, your first glimpse of Tunisia will be one of golden beaches and a deep blue sea. With over 1200 kilometers of coast this sunny Mediterranean land is a paradise for vacationers.

An ideal climate, a long and gentle seacoast, Tunisia, the northernmost country of Africa has for over 3000 years witnessed the passage of Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Turks, Spanish and French. This heritage, Tunisia\'s greatest wealth, has been held in trust and preserved in hundreds of sites and museums such as the prestigious National Museum of Bardo.

You may choose to stay in one of our famous destinations: Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir, Mahdia, Djerba, Tunis  & Tozeur.

Barclay’s Group Travel present all over Tunisia, provides you with services and with our quality and attention to details, which makes us the DMC of choice in Tunisia.
Over the years we have built a reputation for reliability, creativity and honesty that is vital for earning and maintaining your confidence.
Our Mission: To provide the highest standard of products to satisfy the needs and desires of our clients, exceeding their expectations based on the quality of our services and commitment towards the sustainable development.

Our Vision: To be recognized as a leading DMC by providing top quality services and our commitment to the sustainable and responsible tourism.

We work hand-in-hand to design the unique and magical experience that your groups will never forget.


The Conferences & Meetings

Doing business in Tunisia, is as good as it gets with our superb conference facilities and the country’s laid back atmosphere.

From private, small meetings and intimate gatherings to full- month seminars or lavish special occasions, we can organize your event from 10 up to 2000 people.
Barclay’s Group Travel PCO personnel arranges all for you.

We partner with the major establishments all over Tunisia to make available the most modern facilities with the state of the art equipment and best services.

In all cases, our professional services and attention to details, will ensure that whatever your requirements are, your function or conference will be a success.

Event preparation incorporates the following comprehensive services:

  • Creation of a detailed overall concept
  • On site supervision of the event via our own hospitality desk (check in and information point)
  • Working out all technical requirements: digital systems, speech systems, hi-tech vocal systems, broadcast sound…
  • Maintenance of technical equipment by technical staff
  • Booking of all individual services from arrival to registration
  • Association conferences
  • Multilingual assistance
  • A wide selection of professional conference facilities
  • Highly motivated groups of professionals

We also organize various general purpose fairs : from Industry to Consumer goods, Services, Education, Computing & Communication to Agriculture-Hospitality & Catering, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Leisure- Arts & Entertainment to Fashion-Textile & much more…


The Incentives & Team buildings

We offer a wide range of services, from simply finding the right venue through to total project management. Our imaginative concepts will make your incentive unique, and our personal touch will entirely smooth the way throughout every activity.

Here is a sizzle of what we propose:

  • Gala dinner in tents
  • Sand surfing
  • Hot Air Balloon over the oases
  • Quad outings
  • Products presentations
  • Rally by 4WD through Berber Villages
  • Nautical & Beach activities
  • Camel & Horse Rides
  • The old Train of the Bey
  • Treasure hunt in the medina.
  • Olympic games.
  • Lunches, dinners and events at one of Tunisia’s fine restaurants offering the very best of local and international cuisines.

The other faces of the Sahara, Barclay’s Group Travel is leading the way in the Tunisian Desert, and offers you a wide range of innovative Incentive operations; Mehari , Berbere evening and disco in sand dunes etc…


The Events

The Tunisians “Joy of Life” is reflected in their festivals. Even the smallest village sets aside a time for celebration whether it is for the summer harvest, fishing season, a local saint, or the arrival of spring. Visitors are always welcome and urged to participate whether it be in dancing, sharing a cup of tea or just a friendly smile.

The Saharan Festival of Douz is a special interest to those who dream of the vast expanse of dunes and sober beauty of the Sahara. Douz, the gateway to the desert, offers an authentic and genuine picture of desert traditions, folk art and customs.
The Village itself, surrounded by sand dunes, is the departure point for the Mehares and Saharan safaris.
A unique adventure awaits you.
The International Music Festival is held in the El Jem Coliseum. An unforgettable experience of hearing the music of renowned artists and symphonic orchestras in the outstanding setting of the majestic Roman coliseum in a mild summer night.
The famous Jazz Festival in Tabarka welcomes people from all 5 continents every year.


The Golf

Tunisia is the Ideal Destination for golfers with 10 Golf Courses and great weather all year round:

  • The Residence Golf Course, Gammarth/Tunis
  • Carthage Golf Course, Tunis
  • Hammamet Golf Course - Yasmine, Hammamet
  • Hammamet Golf Course - Citrus, Hammamet
  • El Kantaoui Golf Course, Sousse
  • Flamingo Golf Course, Monastir
  • Palm links Golf Course, Monastir
  • Tabarka Golf Course, Tabarka
  • Djerba Golf Course, Djerba Island
  • Tozeur Golf Course, Tozeur

All clubs are modern and well equipped with Clubhouses, popshops, restaurants, bars, caddy masters and provide lessons & stages of Golf.

Barclay’s Group Travel guides national and international players through the region, starting with the airport, accommodation and detailed presentation of all relevant courses in Tunisia.
We are flexible, you can create your own package, choose any accommodation, golf rounds or transport to suit your needs.
Qualified golf professionals offer individual and group programs for beginners, equipment rental and airport assistance with multilingual staff.


The Thalassotherapy

Tunisia is the 2nd most important world destination for thalassotherapy treatment with diverse state of the art centers all over the country.

The utilization of properties of the sea water, air and the marine climate for therapeutic goals is an ancient technique. It is combined with the new methods, teams, effective facilities and the international ability of the wellness laboratories.

Wouldn\'t you love a nice relaxing break from the stress of work? Are your back muscles balled into knots and your feet aching from those darn work shoes? This probably sounds all too familiar.

The beneficial effects of the thalassotherapy are presented through different spaces at numerous centers,

Barclay’s Group Travel offers you the occasion to indulge yourself in some wonderful health spa breaks. You can enjoy the benefits of much deserved and much needed health spa. It\'s time to relax and leave that stress at the office. Enjoy quality health spa breaks at your convenience.
Specific treatment:
Anti-heavy leg feeling, Anti-tobacco, Anti-stress, Arthro-rheumatic, Biolifting

Facilities include
Pools for hydro massage, Jet shower, Showers with fusion, Circular jet showers, Foot & hands – bath
Pools for seaweeds treatments, Massage huts, Cardio-training hall, Hammam, Sauna, Dietetic bar, Beauty center, health enhancing courses


The Tours

From the capitols at Dougga and Sbeitla to the coliseum of El Jem, and the Bardo museum and the World’s largest collection of mosaics, to the land of refuge of the Andalucía’s to the prosperity of the Turks and the Arabs, from the Ghriba, the world’s oldest Jewish synagogue to Zitouna the largest place of learning in the Arab-Muslim world to Kairouan, the fourth holiest city in the Muslim world and its academies specializing in translation medicine and geometry.
Marole inlaid-work and zelif decors inspired by the Andalucía’s, from wooden decors, to the Turkish Chechia via Italian inspired facades, to the fabulous Jewish jewelry and gold, to the art of carpet weaving and pottery.

The oasis, desert, dunes, mosques, caves…are just some of the captivating sights you‘ll encounter on a tour of Tunisia, there is certainly something for every taste in this country

Considered one of the oldest countries in the Mediterranean, the various conquests of Tunisia were as productive as they were destructive, making Tunisia a vibrant multicolored country where peace and quiet cannot hide a vital love of life.
Roman and Punic archaeological sites can be visited in Carthage and other historical areas around the country:
They include second century Roman temple in Dougga, the Phoenician port of Utica, Sbeitla\'s Roman temples and arches, Bulla Regia\'s Roman villas and El Jem\'s Coliseum, which is second only to Rome’s.
The Bardo Museum, near Tunis, boasts the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world.

Tunisia is more of a cultural capital than ever: don’t miss the summer festivals in Carthage, Hammamet, Kelibia, El Djem, Tabarka, all are celebrations of culture and art.
Tunisian has a film industry that scores one success after another; the \"Carthage Film Days\" are a reference point for Arab-African artists working in film and theater.
Tunisia will seduce you, and by choosing one of our well planned and researched tours, you will discover a culture without artifice!
Carthage, Sbeitla, Kelibia, Matmata, Djerba, Tabarka via towns and villages, streets and regions, domes and arches, smiles and glances you will be immersed into the memory of the country that represents most powerfully the history of the Mediterranean.
Enjoy the delight and enchantment of Tunisian markets and souks, hammams and cafes, traditional cooking and mint tea, each one a little celebration and joy by itself, in this country where hospitality, generosity and openness of spirit are innate.

Barclay’s Group Travel is setting high standards in the Tunisia desert; we organize very unique excursions and circuits (mini-safaris), incentives operations, and dinners.
We offer a wide range of activities: cultural tours, thematic excursions, sports and specialized tours etc…

We invite you to taste various cuisines under the tents while listening to the traditional flute, go for a walk in the oasis, dance to the wild rhythms of Tunisian folklore and discover the traditions of the arts and the popular traditions


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