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Built on a foundation of seventeen years of solid experience in high-end tourism and event organization, Barclay’s Group Travel has the resources to reveal all the facets of Tunisia. We organize à la carte stays, incentives, events, conferences/seminars, fairs, golf holidays, tours, circuits and specific tournaments as well as thalassotherapy and wellness holidays. Barclay’s Group Travel stands today as one of the leading DMCs in Tunisia. Our main objective is to meet our client’s needs, expectations and to produce the right product for every request. We do so by providing our clients with a qualified staff able to support them with comprehensive information and assist them during their stay. During the past few years, we have built and solidified a reputation for reliability, creativity and honesty that is vital for earning and maintaining our partners' and customers' confidence.


Barclay’s Group Travel
Meetcentive in Tunisia...

September 2010

Day 1

Personalized welcome of guests at the ATC airport. Our guides will be there to great the group and will offer flowers and drinks, and will be holding welcome signs with company names and logos.
Flight connection from the same airport to Tozeur.
Arrival in Tozeur with personalized pickup with company name.
Luggage taken directly by lorry to the hotel and sent to the rooms (prior name tagging necessary).
Transfer in a 4x4 (5 people per vehicle): participants greeted at the hotel by an African Banga folklore group.
Distribution of personalized keys in the name of the company to ensure a smooth check-in.
Welcome cocktail.
Participants proceed to their respective rooms.
Welcome cocktail party with an open bar.
Buffet dinner in the hotel, an Arab-Andalusian orchestra will accompany the dinner. 
Overnight at the hotel.


Day 2

7h00 - 7h45: Buffet breakfast.
8h00: Departure in a 4X4 (5 pax in vehicle) to the mountain oasis of Chebika/Tamerza/Midès.
From the summit of the Oued Khanga pass, you can survey the Djerid region, Algeria and the Chott. We will then return to the tiny stone village of Chébika, which features palm trees, springs and waterfalls.
Tamerza is a cool mountain oasis where you can descend a few hundred meters to the Oued El Khanga ravine, below which is a superb waterfall.
Mides is a mountain oasis boasting a magnificent location. The village appears to be suspended above the deep gorge with its vertical walls, which surround it on three sides. The fourth side was once blocked by a wall that served to protect the village against raids.

13h00: Lunch around the swimming pool in hotel Tamerza Palace (4 star) facing the ghost village.

14h30: After lunch, we will depart to Metlaui for a private excursion in Lezard Rouge Train, a century old narrow-gauge railway whose red cars take passengers through the spectacular 9-mile long Selja Gorge, amidst walls of red rock which rise over 300 meters above the train.
The Red Lizard is a 19th century French-built passenger train that runs through the red and pink rocks, split by canyons of Northern Africa’s Atlas Mountains in Tunisia.
This is one of the most spectacular train trips in Tunisia, with unforgettable scenery. This old fashioned train travels through stony desert landscapes, mountain tunnels, steel bridges, water springs, deep gorges, and also stops at green oases.
The train and track were built in 1910 by the French to transport phosphate from the mines of Metaloui, but is now used primarily as a tourist attraction. Nowadays, the only way to visit the gorges of Selja is by train.

18h00: Return to the hotel. Free time.
19h30: Departure in 4x4 for dinner in a palm oasis.
At the entrance to the palm oasis, we will continue on foot along a path illuminated by torches held by men dressed in local costume who will lead us into the heart of a luxuriant palm oasis. Magic and colors are the theme this little “Thousand and One Lights” evening.
The dinner will feature Tunisian specialties and will be accompanied by a folklore group performing different local dances.
Return to the hotel at the end of the evening.


Day 3

8h00 – 8h45: Buffet breakfast
9h00: Meeting room.
11h00: Coffee break.
11h30 - 14h00: Meeting room.
14h05: Lunch buffet in the hotel.

15h30: Dar Cherait Museum, next to the hotel, is a living witness of the oriental luxurious art of living of a middle-class Tunisian family. It has gathered and exhibits treasures of Tunisian civilization and its several influences. Most of all, it pays tribute to the many Tunisian craftsmen, to their work and talent and serves as a proof of attachment to a high quality Tunisian heritage.

After the visit we will depart in a 4X4 to visit the Chak Wak.
Inside is a circuit that takes you from dinosaur-sized replicas of dinosaurs to a replica of Noah's Ark with models of animals lining up two by two while a sound system pipes in rain effects. Even the Biblical parting of the Red Sea is represented here with walls of papier-mâché ocean. Other exhibits are truly worthwhile, including an excellent history of Hannibal and the Carthaginian wars in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Arabic and German and a building given over to the symbols and icons of the world's major religions.
After, we will visit the Eden Palm museum. This new museum aims to palm trees better known, since Tozeur is well known for its palm groves and important date production.

After, we will return to the hotel for dinner and accommodations.


Day 4

7h00 – 8h00: Breakfast.
8h00: Departure in 4x4 vehicles to Douz, the gateway to the desert. Along the way we will see Chott El Jerid, the salt lake of the famous mirages, and will also stop to take some photos and visit Kebili, the most important oasis in Tunisia.
Upon arrival at Douz, we will visit the sand dunes and possibility participate in camel rides, kart racing, ULM flights, and team building (optional and on client’s charge).
Lunch in the hotel Saha Palace (4 star).
After lunch, free time.
Return to the hotel in Tozeur, for a buffet dinner and accommodations.


Day 5

8h00 – 8h45: Breakfast.
9h00: Meeting room
11h00: Coffee break.
11h30 - 14h00: Meeting room.
14h05: Lunch buffet in the hotel.
After lunch, free time.
18h00: Departure in a 4x4 off road to Ong Jemel, where the films "Star Wars’’ and “The English Patient” were filmed, for an unforgettable experience of the desert.
 After the excitement and pleasure of the dunes, you will be able to enjoy a superb sunset over a cocktail.

Then the participants – accompanied by a fire eater – will follow a lighted path taking them around the dune where they will discover a Berber camp, specially erected for the group, including hair braiders, women tattooing or decorating participants’ hands and feet with henna, women preparing the traditional “tabouna” bread and a shepherd accompanying his flock of goats and sheep.
A corner of the camp will be reserved for “chicha” lovers (the famous Tunisian nargila water pipe) and which can serve, on request, as a discotheque with open bar. You’ll dine under Berber tents set around a fire of giant palm leaves.
Dinner will consist of Tunisian specialties, in particular clay pot baked lamb (“Agneau a la gargoulette”). Traditional dances, mystic folklore, a saber dance and belly dancing will take place during the dinner. Horsemen or camel riders (optional) will appear out of the desert to the sound of a flutist, or a Touareg story teller and Bedouins will accompany you for a wonderful evening around the fire under the open stars.

After dinner, guided by torches, participants will set off on foot for another adventure in the middle of the night: a dance floor is waiting for them in the middle of the desert!!
Afterwards, return to the hotel and accommodation.


Day 6

After breakfast, checkout and transfers to the Tozeur airport for the flight to Tunis.
Assistance at the airport and transfer in coaches to the hotel Residence (5 stars) in Gammarth.
Free time.
14h00: Panoramic tour in Tunis for 3 hours with our professional guides.
Return to the hotel and accommodation.


Day 7

8h00 – 8h45: Breakfast.
9h00: Meeting room.
11h00: Coffee break.
11h30 - 14h00:  Meeting room.
14h05: Lunch buffet in the hotel

After lunch, we will depart to the Bardo Museum: the most important archaeological museum of the Maghrebian countries and the richest in the world concerning the Roman mosaics. We will then proceed to the Medina, the historic centre of Tunis that has been preserved its general appearance for more than 500 years. Many buildings date from the 18th and 19th centuries. Winding streets, vaulted passageways, beautiful doors framed in sculpted stone give a changing appearance to the town which is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
Free time in the Medina and its Souks - colorful local markets to discover the exquisite craftsmanship of Tunisia's artisans and discover the traditions and cultural heritage of Tunisia in the various libraries and bookstores.

Dinner in the restaurant Hamouda Bacha, a converted palace of the nobility located in the Medina. The furnishing is rich and cozy with many art objects to be seen. The food is very finely prepared with high quality of service.
After the dinner, return to the hotel and accommodation.


Day 8

8h00 – 8h45: Breakfast.
9h00: Meeting room.
11h00: Coffee break.
11h30 - 14h00: Meeting room.

14h00: Departure to the restaurant Grand Bleu for a seafood lunch on the beach.
After the lunch, we will depart to visit the Carthage museum and Byrsa Hill: an archaeological site where one can see both Punic houses and the reconstruction work undertaken by the Romans.
Visit the Acropolium, the former Byzantine-Moorish French cathedral that is now a cultural centre. Then, we will visit the Tophet, the most important shrine in ancient Carthage and where numerous steles have been found.
Following, we will visit the theater and the Antonin Baths, a very impressive site for its dimensions, even though only the basement and a few columns of this enormous Roman building now remain.
We will then continue on to Sidi Bou Said. Mixing simplicity and refinement, ordered architecture and wild nature, the village of Sidi Bou Said never fails to charm. A completely blue and white village, this one-time summer resort for the inhabitants of Tunis clings to the slopes of a hill facing a limpid blue sea. Two very famous cafés welcome you in Sidi Bou Said - the Café des Nattes, a typical Moorish-style café which dominates the souk and the Café Sidi Chabaane, which boasts a terrace with a breathtaking view over the gulf.
Return to the hotel and accommodation.


Day 9

7h30: Depart to Kairouan: the holy Islamic city founded in 671 by Okba Ibn Nafâa that is inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage list, it has continued to be a holy city whose medina and monuments occupy a special place in Tunisian heritage.
9h30: Visit the huge Mosque Sidi Okba: one of the most ancient mosques in the world and a monument that is counted amongst the most impressive in North Africa. The Great Mosque is the symbol of Kairouan, not only for its religious prestige but also for its historical importance and its remarkable architecture. The structure was built in 670 by the Arab General Okba Ibn Nafi, who constructed the first mosque in North Africa here. It was rebuilt in its current form in 836, under the dynasty of the Aghlabids, a time of prosperity when Kairouan was the capital of a vast province. This architectural masterpiece inspired other mosques in North Africa and represents exceptional evidence of the early centuries of Muslim presence in this part of the world.
10h00: Visit the Aghlabiden Pool, a real water reservoir.
10h20: Visit the zaouia of Sidi Saheb, known to be the prophet barber, which is  home to the tomb of a companion of the Prophet, who, so they say, kept three hairs from the Prophet’s beard as a relic.

11h00: Visit of the old town (Medina) for free time in the Souks.

12h30: Lunch in hotel La Kasbah (5 star).

13h30: Departure to El Jem to visit the famous Colosseum – the largest in the world after those in Rome and Capua – and which was built by the Emperor Gordian around 230 AD. It can seat 30,000 people and has witnessed many glorious spectacles. After the decline of Thysdrus, it was used throughout the centuries as a fortress by assorted brigands. In 1695, the Turkish bay bombarded the walls in an attempt to oust anti-government rebels holed up within. It is an extremely impressive monument where there is also a museum with a fine collection of Roman mosaics.

Return to the hotel and accommodation.


Day 10

After breakfast: Free day.

18h00: Transfers to Hammamet for dinner in the Fort of Hammamet which is located in the heart of the old medina.
This fort is one of the many military fortifications scattered along the Tunisian coast to defend the coastline. The borj – bastion – was built in 893. Around 1463 it was considerably extended to serve as the residence of the city governor as well. At the end of the XVIth century, it was substantially modified and adapted to accommodate firearms. The monument was turned into barracks after the establishment of the French protectorate over Tunisian in 1881.

On arrival, the «Wjak El Fehri» band will show them the way through the candle lit paths up to the terrace of the fortress, where the participants will be offered cocktails.

The terrace will be lit up with white bulbs on the walls and in the trees to keep the nice, fresh cool atmosphere of the fortress.

Spotlights will glow on the sea giving a superb view of the bay.

After cocktails, participants will be seated in the center of the patio, where white covered tables and chairs will be laid out for them.
The table will be decorated with candles, white porcelain, roses and branches of flowers.
A famous band will animate the evening with soft andalousian music and songs. They will be dressed in white and gold decorated traditional costumes. They will be using trumpets, organs, and violins.

At the end of the evening, the participants will be escorted to the coaches by one of our most famous regional bands “Dar Chaabane “.

Afterwards, we will return to the hotel and accommodation.


Day 11

After breakfast, assistance and transfers to the airport will be provided.


For more information, please contact Mrs. Moufida Ameur at




Lezar Rouge

Dar Cherait Museum

Douz-Chott El Jerid

Ong Jemel

Berber Camp


Bardo Museum


Sid iBou Said

Mosque Sidi Okba

Jem Coliseum