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Built on a foundation of seventeen years of solid experience in high-end tourism and event organization, Barclay?s Group Travel has the resources to reveal all the facets of Tunisia. We organize ? la carte stays, incentives, events, conferences/seminars, fairs, golf holidays, tours, circuits and specific tournaments as well as thalassotherapy and wellness holidays. Barclay?s Group Travel stands today as one of the leading DMCs in Tunisia. Our main objective is to meet our client?s needs, expectations and to produce the right product for every request. We do so by providing our clients with a qualified staff able to support them with comprehensive information and assist them during their stay. During the past few years, we have built and solidified a reputation for reliability, creativity and honesty that is vital for earning and maintaining our partners' and customers' confidence.


Barclay?s Group Travel

December 2011

Incentive Programme

Day One: Arrival in Tunis

  • Personalized welcome of guests at the airport. Big sign of welcome with your company name and logo can be seen on the arrival. Our guides will be there to greet the group and will offer Machmoum (Tunisian flower).
  • Rooming list with room numbers will be sent by us to you one day or two days before arrival of the group. Once you have identified the luggage it will be taken care of and delivered to the client hotel room.
  • Departure of the guests in air-conditioned coaches to the Hotel Residence Gammarth-Tunis (20 Km from the airport, about 15 to 20 minutes driving). We provide bottles of water and soft drinks in the buses.
  • Arrival at the hotel, Welcome by Tunisian folklore and our hostesses wearing traditional clot hers with offer flowers, welcome cocktail and check in at the private reception.

At the gates of antique Carthage, flirting with the azure of the Mediterranean, The Residence Tunis and its sumptuous thalassic-spa combine the sensual elegance of its Arab-Andalusia architecture with the refined services of one of the “Leading Hotels of the World”.
From mint tea offered as a welcome to orange blossom scented hot towels presented upon arrival, our luxury beach hotel in Tunisia prides itself in offering a peerless reception reflecting the legendary local hospitality.
The 155 rooms and nine suites welcome you into their luxurious decor, decorated in nuanced tones and bathed in filtered light. In this voluptuous ambiance whites and natural colors alternate, the golden honeywood shimmers, the ivory marble of Alicante floors sparkles.
With its stunning 18-hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones II and a luxurious Thalasso Spa, The Residence Tunis stands out from other hotels in Tunisia as one of the most chic and glamorous resorts in the Mediterranean.

  • Lunch buffet in the hotel.
  • After lunch, visit of Carthage and
    • Departure with our professional guides to Carthage: set up in 814 B.C. and Rome’s biggest rival where we can find one of the best historic sites in the western Mediterranean.
    • Visit of the roman ruins, the Thermal bath of Antonin, the Punic ports and the National museum.
  • Visit the Saint Luis Cathedral Acropolium.
  • Treasure Hunt in SidiBou Said
    • SidiBou Said: a truly magnificent village to be found with its Moorish white houses sitting high on the hill in privileged harmony and hunting treasure in the village. The treasure hunt will bring you to Dar Annabi (a palace recently converted to a museum), Nejma Zahra (The Mediterranean Music Centre is located in this Moorish Palace which used to be the belonging of the Baron d’Erlanger), The Fountain (water of this source is supposed to have therapeutic virtues), The Café des Natte (a famous traditional coffee shop), The Cathedral, The Selt Shop, The Cemetery, etc, etc…to end with some relaxing timein the famous “Café SidiChabaane” or “Café des Nattes” (with very nice sea view) for mint tea and Tunisia pastries.
  • Return to the hotel and free time.
  • Evening: Transfers for dinner to Le Grand Bleu, the best seafood restaurant on the beach.
    The marina and the vast terrace of Le Grand Bleu ("The Big Blue") that overlooks the Gulf of Tunis are just perfect and have long-past secured its fame among the upper Tunisian classes. Moreover the food, mainly some delicious fish and seafood, gives the mouth a view of its own that equals the vista outside. Proper attire required.
  • After dinner, return to the hotel and accommodation.

Day Two: Meeting and Activities

  • After breakfast, meeting room (with duty presence of BGT team coordination desk, full organization, technical assistance for the meeting, audio visual equipment, secretary, etc.), Tunisian coffee break (fresh fruit juice, fresh freshly brewed coffee or tea, mineral water, Tunisian pastries).
  • Lunch buffet in the hotel
  • After lunch, spa treatment and organization of activities:
    • Thalasso therapy treatment in the hotel: Les Thermes Romain.
      This 3500m2 luxurious Thalasso-Spa offers 30 treatment cabins, an oriental hammam, a sauna, two patios for relaxation between treatments and a majestic cupola covering a recreational seawater swimming pool. For beauty care, six spa cabins offer a wide range of treatments using Darphin products.
    • Quads, Buggies, Horses and Camel riding.
      Departure for discovering Gammarth forest, lake and the beach on quads or buggies or camels or horses. Possibility of ½ day buggies and quad Olympiad for up to 40 persons.
  • Team Building:
    • Race to the bag: Four players are on the starting line. They each put on a burlap bag and then jump up on top where indicated and return. The first wins a prize, the second a consolation prize. (Duration: 15min/4 colors/4 players).
    • Tug of war: The classical game of tug of war: (two teams compete, max ten pax/ team. Ability to organize a small tournament for 16 teams of four each).
    • Slippers Race: players should wear big slippers and run trying to finish first (two players in a pair of slippers) max 8 at time (Duration: 15 min for each group of eight players four teams each composed by two players.)
    • Introduction to shooting: With an exact replica of a magnum find the true feel of a Giajoe. The winning team has the most points on the target.
    • Twister: Players are eliminated if they fall to the ground. Touch the ground with another part of the body as the hands or feet is considered down. We can not, for example, ask one knee. The last player who fall sor the last remaining on the mat is the winner. As part of a teambuilding the whole society is on a single carpet! Total capacity 50 people.
  • After, transfers to the luxury restaurant Sindbad and gala dinner with Tunisian show. The restaurant is a great place with a beautifu lterrace overlooking the sea.

Day Three: Activities

After breakfast, organization of activities:

Option One: Paintball
Paintball is the sport that can offer the least distinctions between ages and sexes of the participants. Paintball does not require exceptional physical condition. It is a mixture of physical, mental, tactical and group synergy. It includes all aspects of other sports: communication, understanding, strategy, racing, speed, alertness! The outdoor Paintball Park (capacity: 60pax one time) is 200 acres of woods divided into two paintball playing fields.

Option Two: Visit of Tunis
Departure to visit the Bardo Museum and the Medina of Tunis.

The Bardo Museum is situated in the old palace of the bey, in what was the countryside before, and offers both itself and the exhibits to be admired. The tour around the museum is a tour through Tunisian history, though dominated by Punic, Roman and Christian periods. The best exhibits of more recent times are the remains of the palace itself, even if this of course does not give a fair representation of general life styles of its time. It is one of the most seminal museums in the world. It displays relics from a long history stretching from remote prehistoric times to the contemporary epoch. It houses the largest mosaic collection of the world’.

Continuation to the Medina of Tunis. We suggest a guided visit through the winding streets of Tunis' old town, an opportunity to see the rich cultural heritage of old walled city and to discover the exquisite craftsmanship of Tunisia's artisans.

"Souk" is the Arabic name for market; 'medina' is the Arabic name for town. In Tunis today, the souk is also called medina. And there is a good reason: most of what once was Tunis is today like one enormous shopping centre and handicrafts factory. Today, the medina is still inhabited, but only a small percentage of the total population of Tunis lives in these quarters.

  • Lunch in the best Tunisian restaurant in the medina of Tunis: Dar El Jeld.
    This restaurant is "special" and you know it from the moment you see the "grand bee-yellow" door, which leads to an "elaborate 18th century mansion". The decor is a bit like a "lavishly decorated jewelry box" and the dining room is "magnificent". The "alcove" tables are arranged around a "secluded" courtyard. The Tunisian dishes are "delicious" and the "twanging tones" of and "elderly" musician accompany your meal.
  • Assistance and transfer to Tunis airport for the trip back home.


For more information, please contact Mrs. Moufida Ameur at

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Residence Tunis


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