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Archaeological Round Trip...

October 2012

Built by the Carthaginians in the world of the Orient, and then fertilized by the Roman presence. Evangelized by the second century to become a major center of Christianity with the personalities of Tertullian, Cyprian and Augustine.Then swung in the Islamic world and the successive memberships - not to mention the time of the Ottoman and French protectorate. All this gives a very special identity to the smaller countries of the Maghreb: Tunisia.

Day One: Tunis Airport / Hammamet

Arrival to the airport, welcome and transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight will be in Hammamet.

Day Two: Tunis / Dougga / Bulla Regia / Tunis

After breakfast you will be on the road to Dougga, the archaeological site set in the foothill of the Atlas Mountains. Among the most important ruins are The Capitol dated back to the second century and dedicated to the protector of Rome triad: Jupiter-Juno-Minerva Augusta, the theater and the libyco-punicmausolem.

From there we will go on to Bulla Regia. Conquered by Scipio Africanus in 203, the city spent around 150 BC. AD in the areas of Numidian king Masinissa and was probably one of the residences of the king or his successors before being annexed by Rome. We will see, among others, rich villas decorated with mosaics, baths and temples and a theater. The curiosity of the site lies in the fact that some homes have two-tier architecture, including one underground.

All the components of an ancient Roman city are to be found in Bulla Regia: temples, forum, public baths, theatre etc. Some of these monuments, such as the second century baths, are of a considerable size.

Return to Tunis for dinner and overnight.

Day Three: Tunis / Oudna / ThuburboMajus/



Bulla Regia




Sousse Museum

El Jem


Bardo Museum



Byrsa Hill

Sidi Bou Said