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ODS TURKEY is a leading Destination Management Company based in Istanbul, serving all destinations in Turkey. It is privately owned, limited company founded in 1999 by Sadik Caglar and Hasan Din?. At the root of ODS Turkey?s successful and exciting 18-year journey lie 30 years of industry experience, a great team of people and wonderful local and international partners they are proud to call friends.

ODS is an entity continuously striving for excellence, leading them to act and reflect, to execute and improve, to inspire and be inspired in order to serve clients best. How they get things done is as important to them as getting things done. Following their long-term orientation, they avoid the quick win and prefer to attain their goals in a solid pace, always keeping in mind the soundness of their company and quality of their services.


Make it as (inter)active as you like

November 2012

ODS Turkey has introduced a new development called ODS Interactive to integrate fascinating possibilities into our services. ODS Interactive is aimed at those clients seeking thrill, play and local interaction, sometimes with a touch of technology.


Below you can find a list of programs developed by ODS Interactive. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss the possibilities of developing a tailored game and fun program – we are here to explore the boundaries with you:


Customized iPad & Team Building Games
In-house team building application for the iPad: This new spin on teambuilding allows us to design various activities with locations and challenges based on our client’s individual needs.


The Microphone’s in Your Hands
Dub your favorite movie scenes in a professional studio together with your team. “Shaken, not stirred…”


Foot Steps of Sultans
Complete challenging tasks in Istanbul’s Old City. Each task will take you closer to the sultan…


Dragon Race
Race over the Golden Horn – one of the world’s oldest places of inhabitancy.


Turkish Raki Culture & Manners
Raki, the unofficial national drink of Turkey is more than a glass of alcohol - it’s an experience in itself. Learn how to drink raki from the experts.


Are you a Bargaining Expert?
Test your bargaining skills at the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest covered bazaars in the world.


Turkish Indiana Jones: Ahmet Hamdi
Be a Turkish archaeologist and explorer Ahmet Hamdi for a day. Find hidden messages in historical places and complete challenging tasks...


And many more...



Just contact Mr. Sadik Caglar or Mr. Hasan Dinç at turkey@euromic.com.

ipad Games

The Microphone


Dragon Race


Grand Bazaar

Ahmet Hamdi