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The absolute magic of... Cappadocia!

September 2004

Cappadocia is situated in central Anatolia. The strange and beautiful landscape formation of Cappadocia has had its surreal appearance for millions of years. When the volcanoes in the region were active, the lava poured out and covered all previously formed hills and valleys forming a high plateau. The destruction of tufa and the basalt layers formed by erosion and sharp temperature changes have been ongoing for thousands of years and are still in process today.

One of the unique features of Cappadocia is the accommodation. We call them, - from want of a better description-, Cave Hotels. These fantastic properties are situated in the rocks. The multicolored stones are simply amazing and genuinely unique.

But what is this brief about?
Why is the requirement on terrain so, so, crucial?

If you have not guessed by now, it is for a car launch?

Dacia?s new car the Logan will be launched in Cappadocia in August and September, 2004. This car is the first all-new car developed for Romanian carmaker, Dacia, which Renault bought in 1999. The car itself, to be called Logan, goes into production later this year with a sales target of 700,000 vehicles by 2010.

450 journalists from Europe and beyond will be invited to test drive the car in this unique place. They will be putting the car through its paces and when they are not driving they will have the opportunity of enjoying the terrain from the air, by participating in a hot air balloon flight. A wonderful opportunity to see Cappadocia from the air as well as on the ground!

To end the program they will be wined, dined and will feel the magic of this wonderful, wonderful terrain.

Should you need more information, please feel welcome to contact Mr. Sadik Caglar or Mr. Hasan Din


Cappadocia Cave Suites

Dacia Logan

Balloon Fligh in Cappadoccia