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ODS TURKEY is a leading Destination Management Company based in Istanbul, serving all destinations in Turkey. It is privately owned, limited company founded in 1999 by Sadik Caglar and Hasan Dinç. At the root of ODS Turkey’s successful and exciting 18-year journey lie 30 years of industry experience, a great team of people and wonderful local and international partners they are proud to call friends.

ODS is an entity continuously striving for excellence, leading them to act and reflect, to execute and improve, to inspire and be inspired in order to serve clients best. How they get things done is as important to them as getting things done. Following their long-term orientation, they avoid the quick win and prefer to attain their goals in a solid pace, always keeping in mind the soundness of their company and quality of their services.


ODS Turkey
News from ODS Turkey

March 2006

1.     Fresh New Look…

Completing our 7th year under Omar’s Destination Management Services, we began the New Year with a pleasant change. While adapting our company name in ODS TURKEY, we also revised our old logo giving it a fresh new look.  It was not easy to say goodbye to the old one but we hope you will like this one as much as we do.
We present to you ODS TURKEY ….

2.     Exhibition Management

18th Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine took place in Istanbul with a record number of 3.500 participants. ODS managed services covering Exhibition Sales, booth and meeting room design and set-up, sight-seeing tours and transfers. 60 companies participated in the exhibition with a total exhibition space of 2.200 m2.

3.     Core PCO

ODS has been appointed as the core PCO for IFTA; The International Family Therapy Association for the next 5 years. In June of 2005, joined together with The American Family Therapy Association, ODS organized the AFTA IFTA 2005 Congress in Washington DC. ODS will organize the next IFTA Congress ODS in Reykjavik – Iceland.

4.     Autumn Fam Trips

Autumns are our Fam trip Season, and we were delighted to welcome meeting and incentive planners from Britain, Germany and Russia this year. But be assured that our Fam Trips are no easy job, we believe in the “when in Turkey, cook like the Turks” concept…

5.     EXCel-ebrate a successful season

ODS Team completed another successful operation season. In between Christmas, New Year and new site-inspections ahead, we all flew down to Bodrum for the week-end, stayed at Marmara Hotel, harvested the bars and celebrated the past and rapidly approaching new season.

6.     Mitsubishi on the road

Mitsubishi Motors Europe is holding its L200 Pan-European product launch in Antalya between 20 January and 27 February 2006. Over 500 journalists from 36 countries arrived to this beautiful city where the turquoise Mediterranean waters meet the magnificent Taurus Mountains. Joined together with professional drivers, they’ve test drive these pick-up trucks on a challenging 200 km course.

Should you need more information, please contact Mr. Sadik Caglar or Mr. Hasan Dinç at turkey@euromic.com




Cook like...

Cook like...

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