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ODS TURKEY is a leading Destination Management Company based in Istanbul, serving all destinations in Turkey. It is privately owned, limited company founded in 1999 by Sadik Caglar and Hasan Din?. At the root of ODS Turkey?s successful and exciting 18-year journey lie 30 years of industry experience, a great team of people and wonderful local and international partners they are proud to call friends.

ODS is an entity continuously striving for excellence, leading them to act and reflect, to execute and improve, to inspire and be inspired in order to serve clients best. How they get things done is as important to them as getting things done. Following their long-term orientation, they avoid the quick win and prefer to attain their goals in a solid pace, always keeping in mind the soundness of their company and quality of their services.


ODS Turkey
A Citytellers...

June 2008

We assume most of you have read or heard about Paul Auster?s New York Trilogy...Besides being usually perceived as a detective fiction, we recall the series as the exposition of a city through the author?s mysteriously narrated investigation of his identity and ?self?.

In the case of Istanbul and apart from usual descriptions, there are moments in which we inevitably keep our silence and let the city narrate herself...knowing precisely that any single touch would ruin that moment. There are some other cases, where we intentionally create the bridge between Istanbul and our clients via the most spectacular treasures of this city.

Our venue trio consists of 2 Palaces and a Church; appreciated and used as exclusive venues for special events by our project managers.
In that sense, you might also call this an ?ODS Trilogy?:

Hagia Irene: A classy and remarkable welcome

The Byzantine church of ?Divine Peace? is located in the outer courtyard of Topkapi Palace. It ranks as the first church built in Constantinople by the Roman emperor Constantine I in the 4th century. It served as the church of the Patriarchate before Hagia Sophia was built. The galleries and the church were used as an arsenal during the Ottoman Era. Today, Hagia Eirene hosts Istanbul Art, Culture and Music Festivals and Istanbul Biennials. It is open to the public only during the festival, concert and biennale periods.

HP Top Managers greet and applause their Top Achievers worldwide at the entrance of St. Irene accompanied with the Ottoman tunes of the ?Janissary Band?. Following this exceptional entrance, our guests first enjoy their drinks within the venerable walls of St. Irene and then witness one of the most graceful performances that could ever be hosted in this home for ?Divine Peace?: a Whirling Dervishes Ceremony. After the Top Achievers? Awards are presented, dinner is served inside a tent, built in the garden of St.Irene. A passage to the after hours of the night inside St. Irene?s gallery section is this time achieved by the relaxing moves of the belly dancer...or maybe by the party music resonating through the gallery walls.

Palais De France opens its doors first time for an outside event

The French Palace has been the first diplomatic representation of France until the Ambassador moved to Ankara and today it still serves as the residence of the French Ambassador in Istanbul. Dating back to 1839, this building is often qualified as one of the most significant witnesses of the relations between Turkey and France for more than five hundred years.

This year, together with the first blossoms of spring, the Palace opened its doors for TOTAL?s Senior Management Dinner Event. As surprising as the realization of this event for our guests was also the attendance of the French Ambassador Paul Poudade and Ilber Ortayli, famous historian and current director of Topkapi Palace. 270 managers enjoyed the enchanting atmosphere of Palais De France together with the excellent taste and quality of the Ritz Carlton catering service.

Ciragan Palace: symbol of ?Love for Music & Flowers?

In the 17th century the Besiktas seashore, where the Ciragan Palace is located, was known as the ?Kazancioglu Gardens? and the palaces built along the seashore and their gardens were quoted as the symbol of love for music and flowers. There is no doubt that this description belongs to the golden age period called the ?Tulip Period? of the Ottoman rule. Building the first mansion here for his wife Fatma Sultan in 1719, Ibrahim Pasha loved to organize torchlight festivals called ?Ciragan Festivals? (Ciragan means ?light? in Persian) and as a result people have started calling this area ?Ciragan?.

Today we organize gala dinners, welcome receptions, and special evenings in the very same gardens of the Ciragan Palace...and very recently the GE Presidents Club Gala Dinner has taken place in these graceful surroundings echoing its essence from the past.

Not only a story of Tellers & Sellers

We are not only telling you about marvelous cities...and trying to sell these cities to our clients as ?dream destinations?, it is also the city itself narrating a different story through each and every structure, monument, coastline, palace, bazaar, museum, hotel, restaurant ...etc., and sometimes re-writing each and every single moment in history.

And the joy for us lies in the moment beyond time, where we finally meet the smile on our clients? faces through each heavenly turn of a Whirling Dervish in the Byzantine Church of ?Divine Peace?, toasting their glasses in the garden of a Palace which has been the home of a great empire, where they have been invited as top achievers of their high technology company worldwide.

We would like to leave you with an interesting exhibition going on at Istanbul Modern (Museum of Modern Art) called ?Design Cities?: ?Design Cities tells the story of contemporary design focusing on seven key cities, in each case looking at their decisive roles in the development of design. While taking a closer look on how specific moments in the history of cities contributed to the evolution of design, the exhibition investigates the ways in which design has shaped contemporary culture.? (For more information please visit www.istanbulmodern.org)

St Irene

St Irene Welcome

Janisary Band Welcome

Whirling in St.Irene

Award Ceremony

Dinner Tent

Palais De France

Palais De France

Ciragan Palace

Ciragan Palace GE Gala Dinner

Ciragan Palace GE Gala Dinner

Istanbul Modern