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Emeco Tourism in the Emirates is a result of the merger between Emeco Travel in Egypt & Al Abjar Tourism in Dubai, two leading tourism firms created in 1977 & 2003 respectively.
With the increasing demands for professional DMCs to cater for the sophisticated MICE business the Emirates expect over the years to come, both firms decided to get together to create a leading tourism house that cater to the refined services needed.
With an exceptional portfolio, references & quality control that are continuously assessing International delivery standard Emeco is bringing over to this merger and the credibility and strong local contacts & knowledge that Al Abjar enjoys, we are certain that Emeco Tourism in the Emirates will be a strong partner to all those who wish to organize sophisticated & the innovative MICE program in the region.
Emeco Tourism in the Emirates was founded with the intension to make use of its resources thus to continue to develop the widest range of solutions that meet with the clients requirements & those of their guests. Yet with the most innovation, values & the broadest scope of the clients imagination. Meeting the individual needs of each and every client is important to us and an art we enjoy. With our team experience, knowledge and our very own personal approach, we are able to offer creativity in our services aiming to exceed client expectation, whether in MICE, Groups and/or FITs.


Emirates News & Agenda!

October 2013

About the Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a young and prosperous nation. The country has been on the global travel map as the most visited place in the Middle East. Spurred by the discovery of oil in the late 1950s, a visionary program of development has evolved the UAE into a modern and stable state with exemplary infrastructure, tax free income, high standards of living, and a very low crime rate.

Dubai by night

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Fountain

Sunset Cocktail Reception

Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour

Al Marmoum Camel Racing Season

Dubai Shopping Festival

Emirates Airlines Dubai Jazz Festival 2014

Dubai World Cup