Hand Crafted Room Gifts To Make The World A Better Place

Gastaldi Global – euromic Italy

Gastaldi Global DMC are proud to be ambassadors of Piantando, and have chosen to a room gift partner that creates contributions that are then channelled into projects for the construction of wells in needy countries.

Piantando is a benefit company that starts social and environmental impact projects around the world, with the aim of bringing people closer to valuable projects and giving them the opportunity to do something meaningful and supportive. Each product purchased – to be used as a room gift with a conscience – is uniquely linked a certified contribution to the initiatives we support. In turn  the projects these support then comply with environmental, social and economic standards in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

It is essential to start and carry out projects that last over time and concretely help communities even when we are no longer there.

With this project we have chosen to finance local artisans because the ceramic tradition of Castelli (Abruzzo), in Italy, cannot and must not disappear. We support small artisans who work on a family  basis and teach their children a centuries-old art. We work with potters and nurseries who believe in what we do and work with passion for their traditions.

This way our special room gifts support both a local community in need local to us and the funding of a well delivering clean drinking water and sanitation further afield.