Helping Students Help Those In Need

S’Tours DMC – euromic Morocco

At S’TOURS, our ethos goes beyond just showcasing Morocco’s enchanting landscapes; we’re deeply embedded in our commitment to give back to the local communities that enrich our destination.

This year, in line with our CSR strategy, we collaborated with Interact Massignon. Stemming from the global initiative by Rotary International, Interact Massignon is a dynamic group of students who fervently work towards humanitarian initiatives, aiming to uplift those in need.

To support their noble cause during Aid Al Adha, these students ventured to Ait Immour in the High Atlas with heartwarming objectives:

  • Gifting new attire to children, adding joy to their celebrations.
  • Providing 200 families with a sheep, celebrating the true spirit of the festival.
  • Distributing essential food parcels to 400 families, ensuring no one is left behind during the festivities.

Understanding the logistical importance, S’TOURS proudly sponsored a coach, ensuring the safe and comfortable transportation of these dedicated volunteers to the village. Our commitment to societal good is not just a facet of our business; it’s the heart of who we are, continuously striving to make a genuine difference.