Helping Enrich Lives and Brighten Futures

Portugal Travel Team – euromic Portugal

We are honoured to spotlight our ongoing contribution to Novo Futuro. This remarkable country-wide not-for-profit institution operates under the esteemed ‘Mecenato’ statute, dedicated to extending physical, emotional, and social care to 75 children and young individuals, across 8 residential homes and making sure that the siblings are not separated from each other and that they can continue to build their future together. These resilient young souls have faced the absence of a secure family environment, a reality that fuels our commitment to making a meaningful impact.

For over 20 years, Portugal Travel Team has been a liable supporter to Novo Futuro, demonstrating our firm dedication to creating positive change. Through our annual monetary contributions, we aspire to provide more than just financial aid; we aim to contribute to the mission of creating a safe haven where these young lives can flourish.

We recognize the privilege we have in creating opportunities for others. Our commitment to Novo Futuro exemplifies our dedication to nurturing hope and lighting up futures, ensuring that kindness knows no boundaries.