Working With A Special Workforce

Spanish Heritage – euromic Spain

Apunts is a social economy business that has been working under the parameters of Corporate Social Responsibility for almost 30 years. Based in Spain, they provide job opportunities to people at risk of social exclusion due to mental health issues.

For the 2023 euromic AGM, held in Madrid in January, euromic Spain Spanish Heritage as hosting member commissioned Apunts to create and produce our  very special “delegate badges” for the meeting.

The badges – individually printed with each of the 60+ delegates’ details on – were made of sustainable material, and backed with seeded paper. This meant that after the meeting was over, and each person had returned home,  the badge could be given a new life, creating a bed of wild flowers wherever the delegate had chosen to plant it! Before leaving though, and to show how much the hard work was appreciated, every one in the room wrote a thank you letter to the person who made their badge.




Jump forward to October and Mental Health Day, and Spanish Heritage made a visit to the ‘factory’, to see work in action as well as deliver the letters of thanks. They discovered more about Apunts commitment to both environmental sustainability and the well-being of individuals, and that the workforce consists of 90% of employees with mental health disabilities.

Spanish Heritage thought it has been a pleasure to spend time with Apunts and learn more about their work; those of us at the AGM genuinely appreciate the thought and effort that had gone into our badges.