Sharing With The Light in Africa

Green Inspirations DMC – euromic Tanzania and Kenya

We at Green Inspirations DMC believe in the continuous evolution toward perfection and the need for active sustainability for saving our world. With this scope in mind and in line with Euromic’s objectives, our staff began reflecting on how we could positively commemorate Euromic’s 50th Anniversary by impacting the local community. Green Inspirations decided to reach out and lend a hand to an Orphanage Centre in Mererani, Manyara Region, Shimanjiru District. The Destitute home – named A Light in Africa –  was pioneered by Mama Lynn 20 years ago. The Orphanage has a total of 148 children and young stars, aged from 6 months to 16 years, all housed in 5 homes. 44 of the children (including infants) have 100% disability of various forms and are permanently in wheelchairs.

The Green Inspirations DMC staff gathered at our office on 20th Aug 2023 at 07:30 hrs, to load the gifts we were taking to Light in Africa. An hour later we were on our way in our convoy of 5 4WD Safari vehicles and 1 Luggage Truck for carrying presents. On the 90 kilometers journey, everyone on the team including the top management was extremely excited to meet the kids and share light moments with them.

On arrival at Light in Africa at around 10:00hrs, we were greeted by the Chairman of the Centre with his team! They took their time to brief us about the orphanage. We offloaded the luggage truck and handed out our various gifts. Mattresses, spreads, blankets, pillows, food, refreshments, toys, candies etc. Then it was time to take us around the first house of disabled infants. It’s not easy to hold the tears back.

After this, we split into two teams, one for preparing food for everyone and the second team for visiting the rest of the houses, playing, singing, and dancing with the kids. Among the gifts we provided were footballs and other playing items, which were so exciting to the kids. After visiting all the houses, all 148 kids gathered at one house for lunch. We hand-fed those disabled and served the rest!

We spent about 8 hours at the orphanage. Playing, singing and storytelling with the kids. It was a very emotional day making us think about the misfortunate ones and motivating our team to continue our benevolent actions to fight inequality in the future. We thank the Chairman of the Orphanage and the staff for their welcome and the help they gave us. We will come back soon…

About Light in Africa

Provides dignity, love, education, and care for sick, disabled and children abandoned due to cultural stigma, as well as those who are unsupported in the Kilimanjaro and Manyara Regions of Tanzania – East Africa! A Light in Africa is a non-Government organization operating tirelessly in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and beyond. Founded by Lynn Gissing has helped thousands of children in crisis in its 20 years of love and devotion to children who have had very difficult lives out in Tanzania.

Operating its numerous children’s homes and outreaches, supporting the local community at large including the local medical facilities, A Light in Africa is such an important part of the lives of a great many children.